The complete guide to finding cryptocurrencies that moon.
The complete guide to finding cryptocurrencies that moon.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 14 Feb 2020

Here's the thing: you're in Crypto for the money. 

Don't lie to yourself. Don't say you're here for the project. Because you're not. You're here for the money.

And while there IS money in the market, it's extremely difficult to find it.

Well, in this post, I will teach you how I find cryptocurrencies that have a high percentage of breaking out.

This will be quite in depth, and I will use charts where required. You might see some terminologies you haven't heard before. Don't fret. Keep a Google tab open if you're sure you won't know them or remember to search them up.

Ok! Let's get started!

So the first thing: You'd need an exchange.

Binance is a no brainer. I have included my special affiliate link, where we both get 20% off the already low 0.1% fee. If you don't want to use my link, no hard feelings. Just head on over to and sign up there. (No KYC required!)

Once you have gotten to Binance and have an account, you'd need to deposit some crypto there.

You'd need either of BTC, USDT, BNB or ETH. These are the cryptocurrencies that you can use to make pairs on Binance.

I suggest starting out with $200, so that you can buy $50 of each. The minimum amount for trading on Binance is $10, but even a 10% move on $10 is useless. So start off with $200. 

The thing is: Binance isn't very fiat-oriented. Because of the many laws that govern the exchange of fiat currencies everywhere, Binance sticks to crypto only. They recently started integrating Simplex, but those guys take up to 6% of your total transaction amount. We're trying to make profit here.

I suggest buying any of those cryptocurrencies on Coinbase GDAX. It's linked to your Coinbase account by default, and they take a very small fee. That's my get around though. You do you.

Once you've gotten these coins, head on over to Binance. You should have sent them there already.

Now, here's where things get fun. 

Once on Binance(I recommend using the app for this), head on over to the "gainers" section. It looks like this.


Now, you would look at these coins very well. You need to have at least a little knowledge of charts, as well as support and resistance.

Now the criteria to picking a coin is this: If it has given you 50% gains, chances are it has already peaked. Leave that coin alone.

Anywhere from 12-25% gains already is cool. You can then proceed to buy into these coins, at the latest support. Do not buy anywhere else.

That's the trick. Buying just anywhere will result in serious losses to your already miniscule account balance.

Once you can identify coins that haven't peaked yet, you can ride the wave and mostly get over 50% on your trade. Like with this ANKR chart I traded a few weeks back with this exact method.


I saw that the coin was up 19% or so. Very cool time to enter. And it was just ranging.

I noticed that price tested a particular level many times (about 48 times on a 1 hour chart).

This was my cue. I got in at less than the support even, and then the breakout occured. I profited over 38% on this trade, and I'm not complaining at all, because I risked only $100. Still, that's $38 of free bitcoin. Noice.

That was just a live example of this trading pattern. It is very easy to replicate, and once you follow the rules, you'd have a hard time losing a trade.

That said, this isn't financial advice. This is how I make money, and if you do the same, you can make money too. But I won't be liable if you don't 

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps someone.


Crypto enthusiast and professional trader. Master of chart art, and the picasso of pips.

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