It's time to ditch traditional ads: All hail Brave Ads.
It's time to ditch traditional ads: All hail Brave Ads.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 4 weeks ago

It's a given that we can't live without Google services.

Even if you're an Apple user, the 'ecosystem' can't survive without Google. Otherwise how would you search for the price or your next iPhone or watch a video review if your next Mac?

But with this dependence on Google comes a grave cost.

Our data is mined, collected and stored for advertising use.

And I'm not talking about Gigabytes or Terabytes of storage. I'm talking PETABYTES of data.

If you're like me and you own a Google home hub which you use to control stuff like your lightbulbs and smart speakers, logging into your Google account will give you a rundown of some of the private conversations you had near the homepod.

Yes. You didn't ask the pod to record this conversation. It just did.

Obviously you can delete the footage, but know that Google has stored it anyway.

And why is Google this creepy?

Well, they need to know more about you so that advertiser's will be able to target you where it really hurts and you'll have to make a purchase....making money for both Google and the advertiser.

This is great and all, but notice that your well being isn't included in the equation.

Yes, you're always at the negative end of the whole process.

Your data is mined and stolen without permission(they have laws that allow them to legally steal your data, although then it's not called stealing), and you get distracted by seeing all these ads and  eventually you lose money buying whatever product you didn't even know you wanted.

Enter Brave and Brave ads.

You see, with the click of a button, all those ads are gone. TheVerge looks like it was washed with soap and water. And YouTube ads? Completely gone. Google ads appearing first on the homepage? Gone.

This leaves you with the cleanest content available. And it's great for attention span improvement.

But this Brave advertising has a feature that puts you first. And this is why it should replace traditional advertising.

Brave actually let's you see ads WHEN you want to, and you're paid for viewing these ads. 

Yes, a system that at least considers you.

Brave isn't without it's flaws, yes. But in willing to overlook those flaws to be part of this digital advertising revolution.

Are you?



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