It's a privilege that we get BAT for free.
It's a privilege that we get BAT for free.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 14 Feb 2020

I don't know how else to say this, but it's a real stroke of luck that we can get BAT for free on this platform.

The sheer value of BAT is amazing, and I personally have made several 1% traded today alone, using just the free BAT that I have collected from this site. It's simply amazing.

BAT is the default cryptocurrency of the Brave Browser and ecosystem. It can be used to tip publishers, and can also be gotten for free by viewing unobtrusive ads in the brave browser.

It is also traded on basically every single exchange out there.(Yes, even CEX. They recently added the option to trade BAT against USD)

And with all these features, it's still very possible for a regular guy like me to earn it completely free from this platform.

Think about it: If I earn 10BAT from this platform, and I trade it at 1% a day, I would have a substantial amount by the end of 30 days, given how much I started out with.

The way I see it, this platform is a real blessing. It not only wants to improve crypto adoption, but I believe it is trying to empower those from poorer countries that also want to get started with crypto, but don't have enough money to eat even.

I also love that this platform isn't selective of the countries that join. Anyone from anywhere can join, provided they follow the rules.

And getting crypto such as BAT is just insane.

We also get DAI here, and if I were you, I would totally hold on to my DAI. DAI is extremely useful and relevant, and once more people see the intrinsic value of Maker and DAI, it would be a whole different story. And you'd have gotten a stash for free!(DAI is also worth a dollar, and it usually stays that way. It might gain or lose 0.5% now and then, but it is majorly always worth a dollar)

All in all, I wrote this post as a kind of appreciation to the creators of this site. I have been skeptical about BAT, which is why I personally didn't invest in it. But with this platform, I will be able to build a sizeable portfolio of BAT in about a year, all for free.

It's a real privilege, and not one I take lightly.


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