Increase your BAT with Binance savings: Full guide.

Increase your BAT with Binance savings: Full guide.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 29 Jul 2020

In my last article, I outlined a few methods I use to increase my BAT stash for free.

Of the 3 methods I posted, my favourite is trading. And as I outlined in the post, I have a complete technical analysis course which you can join my telegram to get.

However, my second favourite method is Binance savings. 

Unfortunately, many people do not know how to use it. But no worries! In this guide, I'll show you exactly how to use it, and what gains you can expect from it.

Let's get started.

First off, you'd need a Binance account, or the app. You can create an account for free, and it's very effortless.

Once you have your account, you'd have to deposit some of the cryptocurrency you want to save. Let's use BAT as an example 

You'd have to go to the page for BAT, hit deposit, get the deposit address from there and send the BAT you wish to save over there.

After that, you'd have to navigate to your wallet page (if you're on desktop), or to the "savings" page on mobile.


Next, you'll need to navigate down to the page for BAT, and click on "subscribe".


You'd realise that there is an option for "auto subscribe". I use this option so that the Binance engine knows to auto invest my money every time my first saving period expires. This way, it's making money on autopilot.

I equally lock up my money for a longer period than 7 days, mostly because the rewards are more.

You can do this with your BAT, and watch the rewards flow in!

I hope this guide made how to do this clear. If this guide helped you, a tip and follow would be nice.

Thanks for reading!



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