Increase your BAT stash for free.(A detailed guide)

Increase your BAT stash for free.(A detailed guide)

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 2 May 2020

Ever wanted more BAT than you currently have? I know you have!

Fortunately, I have found a method that works with almost any amount of BAT you have in your wallet.

Obviously, the larger the BAT size, the larger the returns, but these methods work for any BAT account size ranging from 5BAT to infinity.

Oh, and these methods are free from risk. That's right. You can only increase your stash. No decrement here!

You'll need 3 things first:

  • A BAT balance greater than or equal to 5BAT.
  • A Binance account. Get one here if you don't have one, and reduce your fees by 10%.
  • A Changelly or Trust wallet account. 

So when you receive your BAT from Publish0x it you buy some, follow these steps to increase it's value if you plan on holding it.

There are two ways to increase your stash .

1. The Binance method.

Send the BAT over to your BAT wallet in Binance.

Then, on a laptop or desktop, go to your BAT balance screen, and click on the savings icon next to it.

Then, lend out your BAT to Binance for a return after 7 days. The thing is, you won't be able to touch your BAT for 7 days, but you'd be assured it's safe, and would earn you 1.2% afterwards.

Then, to make the growth faster, once you get your interest, invest your interest with its capital once more to get even more money.

2. The Changelly or Trust Wallet Method

If you'd rather make more money in a slightly more dangerous area, this method is for you.

We'll start by first changing your BAT to DAI. You can do this using Changelly for a zero percent fee, or using the Trust wallet. Depending on the network traffic, the price of changing your BAT to DAI can be really cheap, or very, very expensive. So if you can't wait for the network to clear out, use Changelly. It's fast and easy to use, and they charge no fees anyway.

Once you've gotten your DAI, open a dApp browser(anyone would do), and go to Compound.interest. This is where you would lend out your DAI for a whopping 6.2% APR.

This method gives you the equivalent of 6.2% returns per annum everyday on your balance. You can then withdraw this profit if you wish, or reinvest it to keep it earning you profits.

Those are my two ways of increasing your BAT stash for free!

If you'd like to try these tricks, but with free BTC, check this link out. Cheers!

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