I lived on BAT for the whole of April. Here's how I did it.

I lived on BAT for the whole of April. Here's how I did it.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 7 May 2020

I noticed that I was making quite the amount from the Brave publishers platform. Most of my old time followers know that I have a blog outside of here, but I don't really promote it here because most people are interested in crypto, and it really isn't a crypto blog.

But that didn't stop me from attaching Brave creators to it. I actually only did it for fun, but seeing as I have become quite successful with it, I have started taking it more seriously.

I decided to see if I could live my normal life off of Brave rewards only. And I did!

In this post, I'll tell you how many page visits I get per day, how much BAT I get per day, and how I was able to live.

Disclaimer though. I didn't pay my rent from my Brave rewards. That would have been crazy.😂

I will have to reveal a few personal details first.

My entire bill for the month, less rent is about 1000USD. This includes my phone plan, internet, groceries, car insurance and that all important Netflix subscription. I also have a Disney plus subscription, but pretend you didn't read that.

So how was I able to afford all this? Surely I wasn't making 1000USD alone from Brave rewards.

And I wasn't! I actually reduced a lot of the stuff I wasn't using.

First off, I cut off my video streaming subscriptions. I wasn't watching much TV anyway with so much opportunity in the markets, and Disney plus is a joke. Pretend you didn't read the Disney plus part also.

Next off, I went with the cheaper phone plan. I'm at home 100% of the time, so I didn't need 50GB of mobile data. So that went also.

I wasn't driving my car around much, so I equally didn't pay my insurance. Just kidding, I paid it.😂

I cut corners here and there, and was able to reduce the price of everything to 800USD per month. Great.

If you check my last post right before this one, you'd see I was making a fortune from creator rewards. About $200 per month. Not so great.

However, I was also earning BAT from Publish0x. I have become less active as the days went by, and my earnings took a dip. I went from $100 a month in BAT to $50. Not good at all.

I won't lie to you, most of my profits came from trading BAT. That's why I love trading!

This whole preliminary was supposed to show you how I got the BAT in the first place. Now that you know that, let's ask the REAL questions.

So how was I able to spend BAT without ever using actual cash?

First, I have an Uphold account. You probably should too if you have the Brave browser.

Then I have Bitrefill. There was no need to convert my BAT to cash to send to my bank account because I could just use Bitrefill to pay for a lot of the stuff I would have spent money on anyway.

Then I also had Coinbase for all the times I actually went out for groceries. Like 3 times last month.

That's how I lived on BAT guys! Thanks for reading.


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