I day traded stocks exclusively for 18 hours.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 6 Jan 2020

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Stocks are for retirement, mostly.

We all know this.

Since we like the fast life, we probably all trade or hodl some crypto.

As do I.

But I wanted to see if the same principles which apply to Forex and Crypto could apply to stocks also.

I wanted to see if I could make money daytrading stocks.

To do this,I would need really liquid stocks.

And cheap ones too. Because I wasn't ready to risk too much on this experiment.

I didn't need Alphabet, Microsoft or Apple.

They're way too established to move too much in a day.

Infact, as I write this, AAPL is down 6%.

Alphabet is down 3%. And they haven't moved up for like a week.

I'm personally used to the fast paced crypto life. Lots of money there.

So I settled on Nestlé stock.

It's not too expensive, it pays dividends and moves pretty quickly.

So I bought $200 worth of Nestlé.

And it did move.


And stocks are nothing like crypto.

Nestlé didn't move back up when I finished that day.

Or the next day.

And it still hasn't moved up today.

Which further solidifies my initial statement.

Stocks are for retirement.

Not to make quick cash, or to buy a yellow lambo.

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PS: If I could get some Bitcoin, I'd REALLY appreciate it. I'm trying to raise enough capital to start investing for a retirement fund. Kindly send some here if you'd be so kind:  3JdKzLDTYa4zF3QaBa8VxDWwsYVtVBdVte

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