I believe Ethereum is much better than Bitcoin. Here are my reasons.
I believe Ethereum is much better than Bitcoin. Here are my reasons.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 8 Mar 2020

Hello and welcome to another post.

In this post, I'll be telling you why I feel Ethereum is better than Bitcoin.

I don't mean that Ethereum is a better investment than Bitcoin, I just mean that Ethereum is a better cryptocurrency than Bitcoin. Whichever is a better investment is up to you.

So let's get started with my reasons


1. There are extremely talented developers on the Ethereum side of things

Bitcoin hasn't had a major platform update in forever. The core values of Bitcoin have remained the same, but the network hasn't had any major updates since it came out.

Ethereum has had numerous updates to improve security, and even has another version, Ethereum 2.0 in the works. Add to the fact that the developers on the Ethereum side of things are some of the most talented people on earth, and you begin to see why Ethereum is better than Bitcoin in my opinion.

2. Ethereum has numerous use cases

The ethereum blockchain has been used as a launch pad for numerous useful crypto projects. Examples of these projects are DAI and the USDT.

You can also run smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as create your own decentralised apps that are fueled by Ether. Just about anyone can create their own token on the ethereum blockchain for their inner circle of friends or just to see how it's done.

ERC-20 protocol was also invented on the Ethereum blockchain, and it has allowed for some of the greatest cryptocurrencies to date such as Basic Attention Token and Project Hydro.

This is not the case with Bitcoin, as it just aims to be a money replacement, and can't really be used for anything other than Peer to peer payments.

3. Despite the unlimited amount of Ethereum, it is still very valuable

Ethereum isn't limited like Bitcoin, but it is the 2nd highest market cap coin. Ethereum has intrinsic value, which is simply a value that is yet to be manifested by the users.

As more and more dApps and people start using Ethereum, we would start to see it's intrinsic value come to life, and.we might even see Ethereum become as valuable as Bitcoin some day


Those are my two cents. What do you think?



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