Detailed guide on how to convert your ETH tokens to BAT!
Detailed guide on how to convert your ETH tokens to BAT!

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 18 Feb 2020

Have you seen the BAT market right now?

So many people would scoff at it saying "it's down 3%", or "the pullback will last for days".

But I mean, this market is so damn predictable right now. It's almost like a preschool test being given to you.

If you haven't milked this market today, you totally did it wrong.


I mean look at this stuff! It's basically impossible to lose money on this kind of range!

That said, you might be wondering: Man I gotta get some BAT tokens right now. How on earth do I do that since I don't want to spend any more money on crypto this month?


You need just 3 things: The trust wallet, some ETH and a drink, because you'd want to be really cool headed once you see how easy this is.

Let's go!

So first, you'd need to fire up your trust wallet.

Next, open up the DEX option.

Choose ETH in the space for "you send".

Next, choose BAT in the space for "you receive".

After this, you would be taken to the transaction page. This is where it kind of gets tricky.

Based on the congestion on the network, you might end up paying up to $2 in gas fees, or as low as a penny. If you see really high gas fees, the best thing to do is to go to Etherscan and see how congested the network is.

Once you've seen how congested it is, keep checking back to see when it's less congested. Then you can proceed with a really low fee.

Once the process is done, you will receive your BAT tokens in your BAT wallet automatically. No extra work required.

I hope this guide helps. Thanks for reading!


Crypto enthusiast and professional trader. Master of chart art, and the picasso of pips.

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