Cryptotab browser Vs Brave.

Cryptotab browser Vs Brave.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 30 Jan 2020

Showdown time.

For those of you that love the fact that you can earn crypto for free from your browser, this would be the ultimate comparison.

These are the two major players in the crypto browser space.

They are both built on Chromium, and they both have similar features.

One of them allows you to earn Bitcoin by simply browsing which, at first looks like a good deal. But just wait.

The other allows you to earn BAT tokens just for browsing. Again, just wait.

So how do the two stack up?

In possibly the simplest experiment ever, I used both browsers on and off for about a month.

So I got 15 days of use on each browser.

This was as fair as I could get. 

My usage was very simple. Once I got home from classes everyday, I would finish up my usual routine and then proceed to watch YouTube while trying to get in a few trades here and there. I do some light browsing and read the news, bla bla bla, you get it. A very regular routine.

So I spend about 4 hours in the evening on my browser every week day

Then on weekends, it's an even longer 5 hours in the evening after I have finished my assignments and chores.


So for crypto tab browser, after 15 days and a total of 34 hours on the browser, I made approximately 0.00003BTC, with no referrals. Not too shabby.

You see, Crypto tab browser doesn't actually mine BTC. It instead mines Monero and converts it to BTC, then takes its own share for being the middle man and gives you the rest. The only way to earn real money is by referring as many people as possible to the platform.

Brave on the other hand was a lot more profitable.

After 15 days with the same 34 hours of usage, I came in to about $1.50 worth of BAT. I used the exchange rate on Binance to see that this was worth about 0.00017BTC. I couldn't convert it because Binance has a $10 limit, but that's the worth in Bitcoin as at the time I checked.

It's really a no brainer. Brave is faster, cleaner and pays out more. It's also lighter weight and has a cleaner interface than crypto tab browser. It also doesn't require referrals to earn some decent cash using your browser. I've calculated that if I can keep this up, I would have earned a little over $100 in a year. Not mind boggling, but not too shabby either. All with no strain to my computer.

So the bottom line: I'm uninstalling crypto tab browser. Brave is possibly the best browser that you could use to earn free crypto with no strain to your computer.

Thanks for reading!


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