Crypto retirement fund: Update 1!
Crypto retirement fund: Update 1!

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 3 Feb 2020

Yo! What's up guys.

Remember that my post from about 4 days ago where I said I started a crypto retirement fund?

And where I said I'll be updating it randomly through the week?

Well, do I have some major news for you!

Here's my update 1 of my portfolio!

If you wish to read the starting post, you can see it here.

For everyone else who can't bother to bored by my boring post, here's all the cryptocurrencies I bought, and their amounts.

  • Bitcoin: $200
  • Tezos: $100
  • BCH: $150
  • XLM: $50

Now, let's look at how my portfolio fared.

First off is BTC. I bought BTC at about $9000. This, in my opinion was extremely good, since it hasn't traded below that for a while.

I caught  the 1st 9500 move, which put my new account equity at $211.12. Noice.

I didn't catch any of the other big moves though because I was managing my trading accounts, and I had some school work to take care of.

That was last week though. Today, BTC is down to 9250 as I write this, so it's a great opportunity to accumulate some free coins as well.

I'd like to note that I do compound my own interests, although I don't recommend non pro traders to do so.

I couldn't trade any of my other entries, although there is still good news.

Tezos however brought me an 11% move, which was just kind blowing. That did wonders for my compounded interest, but my $100 is now $112, thanks to the 11% move as well as my compounded interest up till this point. It's looking good.

My BCH is down by 0.35% on the day. I could have thwarted this move, but school got me.ūüė≠

My first loss in my portfolio cost me about $0.5, which IS a big deal in the long run. Plus double of that and I could get something at the dollar store, but we'll worry about that later.

Lastly, my XLM is also down 2.27%, although I was able to thwart this move before it happened. I didn't go Scot free however, as I had to pay about 0.0005 dollars in fees for shorting my position. So now my new Stellar balance is now $49.9995. Great.

So my overall equity before this week was: $500

My new equity is $522.7995. I think I'm off to a great retirement!

Thanks for reading guys!


Crypto enthusiast and professional trader. Master of chart art, and the picasso of pips.

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