Can BNB get the Binance treatment?

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 14 Aug 2020

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Now let's get started!

First off, what the heck is the Binance treatment?

If you want to know what that is, check out the SRM chart. You'd understand what it means.

In summary, the Binance treatment is when a coin pumps insanely due to getting listed on Binance. Especially when the coin is a small project.

But BNB isn't a small project. And it has been listed on Binance for ages. So does it still get the Binance treatment?

Well, CZ has something to say about that.

In a recent tweet, CZ made it known that Binance Coin is now DeFi. Not sure why or how, but I guess we're at that point when the why and how don't really matter.

We all know what happens to a coin once itsy christened as DeFi. If BNB is now DeFi, then that means the sky is the target for it.

Equally, Binance serves as the launchpad for many crypto projects, such as virtual gifting platform Gifto, and a few other cool projects. All these projects require BNB to launch, and that is a good thing for BNB, at least in the long run.

So will BNB be getting the Binance treatment?

It seems so. BNB may cross $30 in the coming days, and possibly go all the way to $40 if Bitcoin dominance keeps dropping.

That said, it may take some time to manifest. Use this information at your own risk.

Thanks for reading.

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