Brave and the Advertising revolution.
Brave and the Advertising revolution.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 4 weeks ago

I love revolutions. They signal a change in the norm of doing things, usually for the better.

And there's one happening right before our very eyes right now.

Brave is slowly changing the advertising industry, and it's amazing that the masses are actually agreeing with what Brave has to offer.

Brave recently surpassed 12 million monthly active users, which is an insane number of people, since that represents a decent 1% of people using the internet. I certainly hope that more and more people see the light.

This revolution brought about the system where the viewer of the ad actually gains something from viewing the ad.

Usually, we end up paying more than what we bargained whenever we see ads. Say you've recently been reading up on mining. Google will begin to show you ads on where you can buy mining equipment more frequently than before.

This influx of ads you never asked for will constitute to eating up your data plan for that month, as well as a host of other problems you didn't bargain for.

And you might end up buying a few mining equipment you really didn't need in the first place, so Google ads can really be a bad thing.

With Brave ads, you can literally decide to browse the interned ad free. Brave cleans up the internet with its digital mop, and even if you're not into BAT tokens, that alone is a worthy factor for using the browser at all.

But should you enable the option to view ads, you can then get paid for the ads you are shown. These ads are super unobtrusive and blend in perfectly with the content you're reading. You can click on these ads and get paid.

And the ads are served to you based on your usage patterns. So you don't see distracting ads of cookware and cooking utensils when you can hardly toast bread without burning it.

The ads you see are relevant to you, so it's wonderful that you still get paid for viewing them.

The digital advertising revolution is here!


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