BAT would be the fuel of the new internet.

BAT would be the fuel of the new internet.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 12 Apr 2020

Whether we like it or not, the internet is slowly changing.

The power is moving away from the advertisers and slowly, bit surely, moving over to the people.

Ad blockers are fully a thing now, and privacy centered browsers like Tenta and Brave are making this switch to a more private and customized internet experience possible.

This will make the new internet like an engine. Exactly what it is supposed to be.

But do you know what powers an engine?

If you said cheese and crackers, you were wrong!(although that definitely powers MY engine😉)

The right answer is fuel. Yep. Fuel powers an engine.

And if the internet wants to have fuel, that fuel should be a currency. A digital currency that is already established. Like the Basic Attention token.

The token would be used as a means of exchange among users. 

If you love an independent editor's work and you wish to support him, you send him a few of those BAT tokens you got from watching ads that you were actually interested in, and gained value from. It's a win win.

You log on to YouTube. You enjoy an ad free video of MKBHD. Unfortunately, MKBHD makes his money primarily from ads. But if 10000 people each give him one BAT, be suddenly has at least 5x what YouTube pays him per video. He can now proceed to create better videos with this new budget.

And whenever you log on to those sites that you enjoy during your "private time", you can tip the creators in BAT after deleting your history. I'm not judging. 

The world is getting to that stage where the internet is actually in the power of the users. And BAT would be the fuel of that new era. 

Quote me on this.

Tha is for reading!



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