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By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 8 Jul 2020

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I've been saying it for the past few weeks now. About 3 weeks to be precise.

Many called me crazy and said that there was no way BAT was going to rally. However, I have found the signal that proves them wrong.

I can say without a doubt that those that said BAT can't rally have exactly zero knowledge of technical analysis. BAT has undergone the perfect price discovery, and will takeoff soon.

Thankfully, I wasn't lazy today and I actually have a chart. So here it is for you nice people:


I have my "magic" MA combo on the chart. That MA combo has gone through testing through numerous years of data and has proven to be 70% accurate.

We notice a downtrend line starting from the highest price in late 2019. This line has defined price action for BAT for the past 7 months, as there have been multiple rejections at that trendline.

We have had a few wicks pass through the area a few times, but no one has closed above it.

I started telling you to accumulate a bag of BAT around the retest of 2115 sats. I knew that this time would be the charm because my MA combo assured me that it would be.

Now towards the ending of last month, we had a very violent close through the area. The first 6 days of this month were a retracement to the area, after which the area served as support.

The downtrend line has been broken. It's really time for BAT.

There are however two things that could negate this wonderful uptrend we are about to see.

1. The Bitcoin dominance ratio magically shoots up to the high 80's. This would spell do for BAT and it's brethren.

2. Bitcoin retests 7300. Highly improbable, but this is crypto, and weird things happen.

Keep these in mind, and make sure you DYOR! Thanks for reading.

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