Amazing decentralised alternatives to centralised services!
Amazing decentralised alternatives to centralised services!

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 22 May 2020

Hello, and welcome to today's post. In this article, I would be going over a few decentralised alternatives to certain widely used centralised apps.

The mantra of crypto is that the power usually given to only one person is split among everyone using the service. This means no government, no rule maker, and certainly no money printer.

However, although this mantra is still in place, many people prefer to use centralised versions of decentralised services, mostly because of the better features that come with those centralised services. 

Well, in this post, I'll list a few good alternatives to centralised services, that look and feel almost as great as their centralised counterparts. Let's go!


Centralised Exchange:

Decentralised alternatives: Binance DEX.

Binance DEX is basically a decentralised version of Binance. It doesn't have the billions of dollars of daily volume that the regular Binance has, but it's volume is very decent, and it looks nice. Its engine is also very fast, you don't need KYC to use it(duh, decentralised) and it is backed by the Binance development team, which is a pretty powerful team if I'm being honest. In addition, you have an extensive number or trading pairs and get auto matched by the engine. You also get very low trading fees, just like the regular exchange. 


Centralised Crypto to Fiat exchanges: Coinbase

Decentralised Crypto to fiat exchange:

Ok, so this was a very hard place to find an alternative, but I found one. It goes on to say that Luno isn't really decentralised, and it isn't available in the US at all. I say isn't really decentralised because there's a limit on how much you can withdraw should you not verify your KYC. It's a measly $1000 limit if you don't verify your personal details, and it goes up to unlimited once you do verify your details. 

I believe that many users would be ok with the $1000 a day limit, and all you need is your bank account details. The only downside is that they only offer XRP, BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH as pairs. Bummer.


Centralised wallet: Coinbase wallet

Decentralised wallet: Trust wallet

The Trust wallet is the best decentralised alternative to any centralised wallet, and a great wallet overall. It has support for many pairs, and even has a DEX built into it. There is also a DApp browser and the ability to recover any other brand of wallet within the trust wallet itself.


That's my list guys. Thanks for reading. If you have any other centralised services you use that are not mentioned here, leave them in a comment below and I'll find a decentralised alternative to match!




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