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A few things I wish Brave changed about the Brave Browser.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 22 Apr 2020

I've been using the almighty Brave Browser for over a year at this point.

I started off not really trusting it, to absolutely falling for all its features. Now I have it on my phone, laptop and desktop, and if they bring it out for any other devices I have, you can be guaranteed I'd have it there.

However, as much as I love Brave and the Brave browser, there are a few things I wish they changed about the browser. These are just my personal opinions, and I hope someone from Brave sees this and maybe does something about it.

Ok. Let's get to the things I wish were changed.

1. The general outlook of the browser

While I like how the browser currently looks, I have to admit it looks a little cramped on mobile. 

I mostly browse the internet on my desktop or laptop, but when I'm on the train or taking an Uber home, i might want to check the price of Bitcoin or some recent crypto news.

I have found that doing this on Chrome is more comfortable, and although I no longer use Chrome, this is generally the case.

Also, the Browser looks a lot like Chrome. I get that it is built with Chromium, so it can be easier for users switching from Chrome to actually use the browser, but I really wish it had its own "vibe" so you don't feel like you're in a different colored Chrome everytime you use it.

2. Integration with Uphold

Don't get me wrong. Uphold is a great wallet and all. But Brave should have let us withdraw our earnings through our custom wallets.

It makes the privacy of the Brave browser seem a bit contradictory in my opinion. It really sucks that we need KYC to even be able to set up withdrawals, when most of us probably won't be withdrawing more than $1000 at a go.

They should have made KYC necessary for big content creators who get massive number of tips, and not just blindly for everyone.

Those are just a few things I wish Brave had changed with the Browser. I hope at least one of these features gets implemented soon.

Thanks for reading guys.

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