How to Build a Creative Career With Blockchain Tech

By KyraRaine | KyraRaineCrypto | 14 Mar 2022

Build with Blockchain Kyra Raine Crypto

The world of decentralized finance is ever-expanding and rich in opportunities for creatives across the globe.

Graphic designers, photographers, animators, video editors, and writers like me can use our skills in Web 3.0 and beyond. 

With a passion and dedication for learning, however, a decentralized ecosystem can offer creatives far more than a comfy salary and company perks.

Discover Your DeFi Niche

Decentralized environments are full of the same themes and motifs that you will find in the status quo. It is up to you to discover where your skills will be most useful!

Don’t worry, everything from anime blogs to real estate transactions can be created with blockchain tech. Oftentimes, you can simply transfer your centralized focus areas to a DeFi doppelganger.

Learn the Local Language

If the terms “DeFi’ and “blockchain” are already giving you a headache then you have some studying to do. In fact, it took me about a month to be able to explain cryptocurrency to my friends.

Learning the local language of a new environment is imperative for your ability to network and establish credibility. This is especially true for the virtual space that we are currently inhabiting.

The presentation and content of DeFi ecosystems may feel familiar (which is the goal) but the principle of the design and the integrity of their smart contracts are unwaveringly rebellious.

Prep Your Mind and Wallet

You may start to feel a sense of culture shock while embarking on this digital journey. For example, the emerging NFT art scene is quickly becoming a niche of its own.

Just like with any foreign land, it is important to detach your mind from expectations and be open to new experiences while you observe sites of interest.

In this case, new experiences here are going to require a new wallet as well. If you haven’t created a crypto wallet yet, seize the day. Blockchain creatives get paid in crypto and curb inflation while they’re at it. 

Create With Consistency

Almost any artist who creates for a living will tell you two things: consistency is key and burnout sucks!  

Although blockchain burnout is alive and well, there are tools that can help you cultivate a creative career on the chain.

For example, you can automate posts that fit your schedule for cryptocurrency content writing platforms like Publish0x or sign a smart contract with a blockchain-based design agency. In this ecosystem, you are in control.

Time Blocking: Your New BFF

For many of us, transitioning into a creative career based on blockchain tech will not happen all at once. You will probably still have centralized responsibilities that require your time and attention.

Blocking your time can help you organize your creative DeFi projects in both centralized and decentralized environments.

Knowing when to post your art on social media, reply to lost emails, and scout for new startup opportunities is just as important on the blockchain. As this revolution evolves, so will your abilities to provide for yourself in this new frontier.

Safe travels,
Kyra Raine

❀Disclaimer: The above statements are based on my opinions and should not be taken as financial advice. I am an artist, not a financial advisor. Please do your own due diligence and feel free to share your knowledge with the community so that we may all learn together. Thank you!

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