The Crypto Road to Financial Freedom (READ THE WHOLE THING)

By tipplenurkey | Proven Passive | 10 Jul 2020

The crypto world is a wonderland of free and low-cost earning opportunities. Sure, there are a lot of scams out there, too, and you have to be careful of those, but the fact remains that crypto has the unique property of being given away on a daily basis by countless means. So, with a seemingly endless supply of faucets, PTC and GPT sites, as well as the riskier "cloud" mining and HYIP sites, how does one best capitalize on available resources to turn a trickle of loose couch cushion change into a mighty flowing river of wealth? Well, you have to make them work together.


Sites that offer free crypto typically and for obvious reasons tend to offer it in very small increments or very slowly over time. There are oftentimes exploits that will allow users to increase the speed of earning (see CryptoTab Browser w/boosts + Nox Player), but that still only turns pennies and nickels into dimes and MAYBE quarters. So, how do we turn cents into dollars? It's actually fairly simple.


First, start free or, at most, invest in something that you know will turn a profit, however small. Investing is a long game that focuses on denying the now for the sake of the later. Remove the word "only" from your vocabulary. That is an ugly, vile, filthy, very dangerous word. "Only" has been turning millionaires into beggars since mankind first learned the value of trading. Instead, measure all income and expenses as percentages of the total value of your current liquid assets (cash, bank account balances, crypto, and anything else that can be spent or traded as is). This will give you better perspective. When you find a source that produces income at no cost to you, use it. The profits are small, but they are pure profit and profit is the goal here.


Now that you've started collecting some chump change, it's time to put it to work. This is the point where you want to start finding sources of interest where you will spend or, better still, simply hold your freely acquired capital. There are plenty of crypto exchanges and wallets that offer interest and/or staking rewards for assets held. These are effective and relatively safe ways to make your assets grow without any input from you. Keep your free income flowing into these holdings to make them produce more quickly.


Once you've built up some interest-generating accounts, you have yourself a source of reliable income to invest in higher-paying, though often higher risk, opportunities Take your interest and start pumping it into a few different earning platforms. Remember, diversification is the key to success and the fail-safe against bad investments. Try different platforms AND different currencies to see which is earning the most for you at any given time. There are a few decent cloud mining sites you can start with, many of which are listed right on this site, to multiply your income generation exponentially. The most effective tactic is to have profits from one miner fund the another, which funds yet another, until you reach the end of the sites you trust. At that point, the income flows back into your interest/staking accounts and the process continues in a circle.


By now, you have a nice little stream of constantly increasing income. The bigger it gets, the faster it will grow. Now it's time to start looking at high-yield potential. These are tricky, risky, and frequently turn out to be scams, but hey: nothing ventured, nothing gained. The method that I preach constantly for making any HYIP as safe as possible is to make a starter account, then use a VPN and a new, empty wallet address to create a referral account for yourself. That is where you'll be making your investment deposits. Your first account should receive referral bonuses (these ideally go right back into your holding accounts), which secures a portion of your investments against loss. Make a minimum deposit (I don't generally mess with anything that has a minimum deposit higher than $5USD or equivalent) and wait for the referral bonus to pay out. If it doesn't, cut your losses and move on, lesson learned. If you do receive the referral payment, wait for the deposit to pay out. If it doesn't, move on to the next site. When you get the deposit payout, keep the initial deposit amount or half of the payout, whichever is greater, then reinvest the rest or another minimum deposit, again whichever is greater. Keep repeating this process until the site stops paying, then empty your referral wallet into one of your interest/staking ones and go find another site to exploit.


Eventually, if you follow these steps and are careful, you should be able to pump enough additional liquid assets into your income stream to turn it into an income river off of which you can live and thrive. Remember to never sacrifice the principle in your interest-yielding accounts. Everything you put into those stays there, only the interest itself gets used in other ventures. That way, after several years of smart investing and careful manipulation of your assets, you can kick back and retire on that interest alone.


The best advice that I can offer you to help facilitate this process and make it as quick and painless as possible is: say no to credit. No credit cards, no loans, no unnecessary debt of any kind. Whenever you get a chance, pay off a debt instead. Less debt means less of your money disappearing without having a thing to show for it. Eliminate small debts first, then chip away at the bigger ones as you grow your investments. Got a car payment? Put as much as you can toward it every month. Paying the minimum is your enemy, as that will allow the auto loan more time to accrue interest, costing you more money and getting you no more car. Same thing with mortgages. You are better off paying whatever penalties may be applied for settling the mortgage early than you are paying interest on a house for the next 5-30 years, trust me.


While you're building your passive income, you should also be building a savings account. Your first step toward financial independence should be having at least $1000USD in savings. This will turn financial emergencies into mere inconveniences. Once you've paid off your debts, increase your savings to no less than 3-6 times your monthly net income. This will be your cushion, should an investment or asset fail catastrophically, or should you face large, unforeseen expenses like medical bills.


Most importantly of all, however, is the monthly budget. Being able to account for every last bit of money that goes through your hands is vital to the success of your finances. Sit down, add up all your monthly income sources, then place every last bit of that money SOMEWHERE in your budget, even if it's just under "miscellaneous expenses" or something like that. Once you've made your budget, stick to it! If you need to adjust the budget due to surprises, direct money away from unnecessary expenses like dining out or entertainment first. Keeping a budget like this will give you the freedom to spend your money without having to worry if you have enough to last because you already know where everything is going. If you set up automatic payments for anything, make sure you mark them on a calendar somewhere and do not spend any money that can wait until after those payments process.


Well, there you have it. The road to financial freedom, paved and waiting for you to travel it.

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