CryptoTab Browser and Nox: I underestimated this method

By tipplenurkey | Proven Passive | 7 Jul 2020

It looks like I dramatically underestimated my daily profits using this method. I have made about $6 worth of withdrawals today, with nine hours of the day to go. So, it seems like I’m making closer to $10 per day. I am probably going to start trolling eBay and Amazon for more cheap/refurbished PCs. I can tack on three more before I run out of device boosting spots on my account. The computers I’m using right now, put together, still cost me less than my OnePlus 7 Pro. Seems like the way to go.

Professional miners have warehouses stacked floor to ceiling, wall to wall with big, expensive, power-consuming, heat-generating mining rigs that hardly cover their own costs without having a dedicated generator to avoid electricity costs.  I believe I can replicate that mining capacity to a lesser extent with a room full of PCs all running as many instances of Nox as they can handle without crashing.  Of course, this would eventually require additional accounts and subscriptions with CryptoTab, but I have already demonstrated that those costs pay for themselves and then some.

Funny thing is, I actually live in a building that is contained inside a large warehouse, so if I can get the landlord's (my stepfather's) permission, I can just use part of that as my mining center.  Provided that the price of Bitcoin doesn't plummet, I think I can actually make a living at this, or at least use it as a method to generate revenue for investing in other things.  They say money doesn't grow on trees, but I am inclined to disagree.  You just have to know where to plant your seeds!

Eventually, I would like to start my own business building custom and made-to-order PCs for this purpose and selling them at a small markup on my website.  I already know how to do it, I just don't have the startup capital necessary to acquire parts and tools.  Keep an eye on in the coming months, as I hope to be operational before Christmas 2020.

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Proven Passive
Proven Passive

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