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By tipplenurkey | Proven Passive | 16 Jun 2020

So, a while back I shared my personal referral link for (this is still my link).  At the time, I had only managed to successfully withdraw one time for 200 Tron.  Since then, I have withdrawn 10 Tether two times.  Now, to me that seems like fair evidence that the site is not a scam, but I'm not ready to give it the ProvenPassive stamp of approval just yet.  Several Trustpilot reviews claim that the website stopped paying after 1-4 withdrawals.  I did receive an email, from Bitland asking me if I had been able to successfully withdraw assets, as many users had been complaining and they were investigating the issue.

The one thing Bitland has done for me personally that stands out is, when I mistakenly attempted to withdraw Tether OMNI to and ERC20 address, they didn't just process the withdrawal and let my Tether disappear.  Instead, they held the assets and, when it was discovered that the withdrawal address was invalid, I was provided with a dialogue box on the History page to enter a new, valid address for withdrawal.  I did so, and after about 30 minutes the Tether was deposited to my Hotbit account.

The way I see it, if I'm still making successful withdrawals after 5 attempts, I'm going to go ahead and call this one good.  I'll keep you posted.  You can also sign up for free at to stay updated on all my investigations and join the contributor contest, where the top five donors will receive 10% each of the total amount in the donation account and the other 50% will be split between a compensation fund for users who have lost money to online scams and growing the website.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you at my site soon.  Have a great day and stay safe out there!

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Proven Passive
Proven Passive

There is another reason I'm here. I very recently started a website dedicated to becoming the largest trusted database of real, verified passive income and investment opportunities as well as known scam sites and organizations, and I am exploring several platforms on which to promote it. This is one of them.

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