First THING First.

The first thing any new player should do if he wants to play the game without spending a penny is to make an account on both the maps i.e. Yukon and wild west. After that start doing transportation jobs on both maps and convert gold from one account and migrate it to another. You should focus on developing one map at a time.

Second Thing.

After accumulating enough gold buy some tools and start doing jobs with the tools also start saving money to buy a certificate to work long hours. the price of certificate is around 40000 gold at the time I am writing this article.

Third Thing.

Try to focus on one map and transfer the earning from one map to the other to buy tools and other stuff. If you are lucky to get good jobs then you will be able to get the certificate in less than a month. Getting a certificate will increase the time you can work and thus it increases your wage.

Ending Note.

I was lucky enough because when I started playing; the very next week boomtown was launched which gave me a kick start because the salaries there were way too high. A new server is also expected to be launched in the near future which makes it a great time to join the game. For those interested I have given the links of both maps below.

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Prospectors game guide for new player.
Prospectors game guide for new player.

Prospector a blockchain based strategy game I stumbled upon a month back is something I am really hooked to. At first I struggled but now as I have got a hang of it I though lets help the new players. I have actually made a few bucks without investing a single penny, having said that I am playing the game for the fun it holds.

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