Earning Free WAXP $ Playing Prospectors Game

It's WAY better to invest by upgrading and or buying 'land' on the Prospectors game. But if you are like me and just don't have any money to start with, you can still earn. It will just take longer.
  • Here is some advice from my own experience earning WAXP on the game....

First I'd like to mention that I really like that this game doesn't require you to download an app. It's an in browser game so it doesn't take up space on your device and it can be played on your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop ;)


My list for advice to earn WAX tokens in Prospectors Game--


1-- At first you need to find the best paying jobs that you can of course until you have enough Gold to buy some tools. Pay attention to how far you have to travel to your job location when choosing a job though. Or else you could waste hours that you would otherwise be earning on.

2-- Once you get some Gold you should use it to buy some tools to get better jobs. Make sure you check how many hours or use the tool has though because some sellers will trick you into buying one that only has a few hours left on it for the same amount that most people would sell it for 100 hours.

3-- I would suggest buying tools that have more than a few hours of use time on them. But don't wait until you have enough to buy the ones with 100 hours because the difference in pay is dramatically different when you have the right tools. Which brings me to number 4 on my list.

4-- You can look at the available jobs to see what tools they require for the best paying jobs. I would suggest getting the 'Gold Pan' and 'Pickax' combination or the 'Plane Tool' and 'Nail Puller' combo. From my experience there's more jobs available and higher paying ones requiring those 2 combinations.

5-- Once you get to that point of playing, earning can speed up a lot. Certain things can make that dramatically better though.

-- Typically premium upgrade is $5 a month which is worth it but if you don't have it you really should do the 'try premium for free' option. It will boost your earnings significantly. You DO NOT need a credit card to do this so there's no reason not to.

-- Using your Gold to buy a certificate is cool because it increases the amount of time you can work to 300 hours.

-- From my own experience I think it's best to focus on jobs that require tools rather than mining raw materials.

-- As long as you don't need it to buy tools, you should turn your Gold into PGL tokens and then deposit them into the central bank to earn interest inside the game to earn even more. Just remember that it takes 3 days to withdraw in case you need it to change back and buy tools ect.

6-- This one is probably the best piece of advice I could give and something I have been kicking myself over because I didn't do this enough....

Keep track of when your workers will be available for work again. The biggest mistake I made was not doing this. If you just log in a few times a day or so, you'll eventually earn enough to make it worth it to withdraw or upgrade ect. But if you actually keep track of this, the difference will be huge! I know everyone has to sleep sometimes lol, but for hours of the day that you are awake it only takes a few minutes to go onto the site and get your workers going again.

Conclusion notes:

If I had known all of this stuff I would have saved months worth of time. I eventually had enough WAXP to convert into BCH (bitcoin cash) using SwapSpace, but now I wish I had upgraded or; even better; bought some land because from what I have heard that is when this game can turn into something you can live off of. I haven't done that yet, but since Prospectors Game hasn't mislead me so far it's likely true.

Thanks for reading !!

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Prospectors Game Earning Free
Prospectors Game Earning Free

Prospectors Minng Game.... https://prospectors.io?waxref=jbbau.wam is a crypto mining simulation game site that allows you to actually mine real crypto as you play. Typically, people invest some money to make more faster. Which is by far the smartest way. But if you have nothing to invest even if you wanted to, you have no choice but to do it the hard and slow way like me. This next article is my experience doing just that....

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