What is peace?

By band | Prophet of Markets | 11 Mar 2019

Peace is being left alone to be who you are.

Do you have that luxury?

Sometimes it's a luxury now.

Given the pace of people and this world.

How we've bought into how others think it ought to be.

And how they think we ought to be.

When you don't think for yourself, something inevitable happens.

Others think it's okay to think for you.

Of course, that's not okay, unless you're in a coma.

But it's also been said that those who are in a coma are awake.

They just can't talk.

They're in a different dimension.

Can you imagine not being able to communicate?

No wonder, there's a provision for everything.



Just in case.

I suppose those who are at peace are comfortable with that.

They know exactly how and when to go.

When you've seen what I've seen you will be at peace.

I've seen how funny we all are.

Do you know that we are all just a bunch of molecules?

Please don't take that personally.

It just is.

We just are.

And it's all so funny.

Like I said, I've seen so many things.



I suppose, when your heart and mind are open, that happens.

When I'm not too full of myself, I get stuff.

I'm shown things.

And that's why I can laugh about myself most of all.

And at how funny we all are in this world.

At how difficult we make it for each other.

When things could really be easier.

Maybe that's the test of love.

Making things easier for others.

Not walking their path, but merely accompanying them.

Watching out for stones where our friends and families could trip.

Being awake and aware at all times.

Knowing the true nature of things.

And of keeping things in perspective and respecting others.

Such things bring peace and joy.

And much mirth to the soul.

We're really all a funny bunch.

Trying so hard too many times.

The secret is really to trust and allow more.

God is in charge.

There was never a day He slept.

We've been the ones sleeping.

Might it be it's time to wake up now?



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