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By band | Prophet of Markets | 29 Mar 2019

Would you like to know what true warriorship is?

Of something that was written by Spirit and reflects the Wisdom and Code of the Ancient Warriors?

This book was coursed through me in 7 June 2009, and its time has come.

You will see this as I recount a few things here.

I had been feeling very strange the past days and didn't quite know what ailed my soul.

I woke up past four in the morning today, wanting to read the thin book I got recently.

Perhaps, to get some comfort or inspiration.

Only thing is, Spirit had other ideas.

Just as I got to the part where the author wanted to take his own life, our lights turned out.

And I dearly wanted to read that part where the author was visited by the Spirit of God.

Sure I could use the flashlight or a candle and all that.

But something told me to be quiet and pray.

Exactly what I did.

In no time at all, my brain got "imprinted" with a thought.

I had written a book myself!

I even had a hand-made copy of it just for myself.

I had written it and produced it nearly 10 years ago.

But I had completely forgotten about it.

I had my very own book to share with you!

And it was called, "Warrior of the Spirit".

So I happily read my own book instead, illuminated by a flashlight.

Guided by Spirit, I found I had written 20 important tenets.

Here's one:

9. He has chosen the most difficult path. But it is the only path that resonates well with his spirit. It is surely the path to take for it nourishes his spirit, his whole being, and his grateful heart bows in acknowledgment. He has chosen the Ablest Guide of All, and with that comforting thought he goes through each day filled with love, joy, peace, and excitement. There is nothing like the Path of the Warrior of the Spirit!

This book doesn't have page numbers.

Spirit doesn't care about numbering.

We open our books at random, sort of an oracle.

Wherever you open the page is what you're meant to know.

Only the thoughts, the messages are what count.

That's how we write together -- it's got to flow -- unimpeded.

You may read the book's 20 passages online freely through this link.


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