The next Great Recession has arrived – welcome to the financial collapse and why it’s great for Bitcoin

This is it guys, the long-awaited recession has arrived. The MSM may not be calling it yet but they will and I am. This has been coming for months, so is nothing unusual. The financial crisis was always going to happen. It is cyclic and with the last crash in 2008, we are long overdue the next cyclic downturn. Well, we need wait no more as it has arrived. Why can I say this with such certainty?

I can say with certainty that the worst financial crash and recession of the century has arrived because the Federal Reserve Bank of America just injected over $100 billion into their financial system this week. September is the most volatile and uncertain month of the year in world economics. The Great Recession of 2008 actually started in September 2007. Here comes the next wave, right on the Equinox – a truly critical time of change on the planet on many levels.

In the 2008 financial meltdown, the Fed had to inject around $800 billion overall into the financial system to prop it up and keep it afloat. They bailed out the bankrupt banks with it. And so this current $100 billion is the same thing happening again. This is just the start. This is the proof that the next recession has officially arrived. You heard it here first, cue laughter...of the hysterical kind.

Actually the 2008 global financial crisis was never really cured, the symptoms of the sickness were just alleviated for a while and the cancer went into remission, but the disease of a broken or corrupted financial system still existed. And the sick patient has been dragging his corpse around for over a decade. Well yesterday he just toppled over. This is the fateful and inevitable result of putting a plaster of a gaping wound. They just kicked the can down the road and today the end of the road has arrived.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news because the brain more readily accepts good news. It’s wired like that. So let me give you the good news about the current death rattle of fiat. Bitcoin’s time to rise has come! That is the beauty of this next global financial meltdown. It will send Bitcoin to the moon. Bitcoin “hodlers” are about to be rewarded for their patience. In the 2008 collapse of fiat there was no Bitcoin as a safe haven. This time there is and big institutional investors are now also on board and invested into Bitcoin. Bakkt is only days away from launching. That’s another big-time investment opportunity for smart money to enter the Bitcoin market officially.

We have two long term trends overlapping. Fiat is on a long term downtrend while Bitcoin is on a ten year long “uptrend”. And the two are crossing paths today. We are at a junction, an inflection point in the fall of fiat and the rise of digital currency on the planet and this Equinox date is the time that will be remembered for is position in the center of the axis.

Remember that the entire global market cap of Bitcoin is only around $200 billion. That’s how much Bitcoin is traded daily. If you look at the CoinMarketCap website you can see the charts that show total market cap for all cryptocurrency at around $273 billion. And the altcoins (every other crypto besides Bitcoin) have a combined market cap of around $80 billion today. So that means Bitcoin market cap is less than $200 billion in total. So in fact the Fed bailout this week is more than half the total amount of Bitcoin daily traded market cap. Which means it is a lot. Smart money will be moving out of traditional markets and into safe havens like gold, silver and Bitcoin.

Smart money and entire countries have been gearing up for this by buying up loads of gold. China, Russia and India were ahead of the curve there, and now hold substantial amounts of real money – gold. And who currently owns the biggest hoard of silver in the world? None other than the pirate at the top of the criminal financial world – JP Morgan bank.

“The major monetary metal in history is silver, not gold.” Milton Friedman, Nobel prize winning economist who led the rotten Keynsian monetary system that we currently find ourselves in.

These pirates have been accumulating metals while systematically suppressing the price in true criminal style. What do you do when the ruling Empire is actually the biggest pirate on the high seas of finance? You play them at their own game. You also invest in metals and you go one step further and invest in Bitcoin, the digital gold, the hard money, the real money, as opposed to the fake paper fiat that gets printed like toilet paper, $100 billion out of thin air.

Historically silver was always the people’s money while gold was the government’s money. But now Bitcoin is the people’s money. Be warned that already in Australia there is a move to limit how much of your own money you can withdraw from your bank account. They are limiting withdraws, at least on paper for now, in law, so that when the banks start to fail and the bank run ensues, that people will not be able to get their own money out. They know what might be coming and they are putting measures in place to save the banks at your expense. The poor and the people in Main Street are always the ones to suffer most when Wall Street messes up or benefits themselves.

Fiat paper money is going to become worth less and less, so better you spend it now on Bitcoin, which is only going to grow more and more in value, so that in the next ten years it will reach $1 million per Bitcoin. All you have to do is “hodl” and watch yourself become a millionaire. As to how you will get you cash out of the bank once you sell your Bitcoin... that challenge will have to also be addressed when the time comes. Hopefully we can just spend Bitcoin directly for goods and services so that we can cut out the need for a bank altogether. Already there are merchants that accept Bitcoin and the trend is growing, so the future for Bitcoin is bright despite the dark clouds on the horizon and in fact overhead already for the global financial system.

Silver lining on your cloud anyone?

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