The crime of the century

The world’s current financial system has been exposed. Thanks to the advent of online media, the hidden secret of money has been revealed. It’s the biggest scam in the history of mankind. Never have so many been cheated by so few. But the truth is out and the scammers have been named and shamed, I’m talking about the Federal Reserve Bank, European Central Bank, and in fact any central bank who has the licence to print paper fiat money backed by nothing but the paper it’s printed on.

In the past money was backed by gold but when the gold standard was removed in 1971, the scam became real. And since the US dollar is the major global fiat currency of trade, particularly for oil, the entire planet has been duped into accepting enslavement to the whims of the money printers at the Fed in America. This is a crime against humanity but it has been ushered in as if it is a panacea for the financial problems of the planet. It is a con of the highest order, perpetrated by the banking class, the elite 1% who write the laws and engineer the system purely for their own agrandisement and continued upliftment on the backs of the poor.

The wealth and income gap has been increased by this very system. The middle class has been systematically eroded as the divide between the rich and poor grows steadily every day that the Fed and other money printers are allowed to deflate all the other currency in circulation. In other words, it’s not that prices are going up due to supply and demand necessarily, but they are going up because the value of the paper fiat currency is going down. And this applies to the US dollar as well. The dollar has lost more than 90% of its value in the last 100 years. All fiat currency deteriorates in value. This is a mathematical fact, based on the continued printing of more paper fiat notes by central banks.

It starts when a politician promising to improve the situation for his or her voters. To fulfil that promise they need to take loans form the treasury or money printers. So bonds are released. But when the Fed writes a check, it is making money out of thin air. A check may be an IOU but there is no money to back it. They are creating money where there is none. And leaving the consumer or borrower to foot the bill, even if the borrower is a country. The Fed and the banks in general, as well as the Treasury of the government all all in cahoots. Currency is being printed but is is not money.

Money is a store of value, but currency is the piece of paper symbolizing a value, and that value is dwindling. The purchasing power is evaporating as each new paper note is printed. You will never get the equivalent in gold or silver, which are real stores of value. That being said, gold and silver prices are also manipulated or suppressed by insiders, so that they don’t really keep their real worth as determined by supply and demand. This is another trick to control the money supply. Fortunately some nations are aware of the fraudulent system and are lately buying up huge amounts of gold once more, or asking for their own gold back, from where it has been stored in foreign lands, like America.

The old criminal money lenders have hijacked the banking system and built an illegal or at least immoral system which they call capitalism, but it isn’t real capitalism. It is an unhealthy monetary policy that is showing signs of its sickness lately as it collapses into its sick bed and slowly fades into the good night. It can’t go on much longer. Something has to give. And the canary in the coal mine is the mass of people who are beginning to take to the streets in revolt.

In countries far and wide, from all corners of the round earth, the working class are seeing their wealth erode and their purchasing power evaporate, despite putting in more and more hours per week to make ends meet. And having had enough of the oppression they are beginning to fight back. The Yellow Vests in France are a perfect example. The revolution is happening, one country at a time. France is in a state of revolution, they are the yellow canary with their yellow vests and the coal mine is becoming filled with toxic assets. Deutsche Bank is busy paving the way for the Euro collapse, this past week, as it hovers around bankruptcy.

All the pieces of the puzzle are neatly falling into place in the build up to the breakdown. The criminal banking system has been exposed for their crime of pyramidal proportions. It won’t be long now before the final penny drops... to zero. And at that time the bank will attempt to bring in their Special Drawing Rights or SDR, another imitation of the Fed’s quantitative easing, or money printing. These rules are being made up as they go along, and are abusive to the citizens of the world. These tricks of the law, the corporations and banks are criminal, as well as immoral. I would go so far as to say they are evil. Abusing millions of people by putting them into debt slavery for your pleasure and domination is an act of evil.

In conclusion then I see the modern banking system – the capitalist economy – as evil. Just as slavery is evil when done consciously for personal pleasure. Human trafficking and war are the symptoms of the current banking system with its worthless money. In the war against evil, with the aim of freeing enslaved humanity, the enemy has been tagged, now they just need to be bagged, and we’re done, so bring in the bag man, and let’s liberate the bag holders once and for all.

There are solutions to the current monetary system, the financial fraud perpetrated by the Fed and the central banks of the world. What are your solutions? What do you suggest as an alternative to the rotten banking system that actually caused the last global recession and is fomenting the next? 

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