My NFT called Leo Rising minted on Hive blockchain

My latest NFT drop – Leo Rising – for all the Leofinance collectors out there

It’s a hot launch today of my latest NFT (non-fungible token) on the Hive blockchain at This one is called “Leo Rising” and is for all the LEO finance token hodlers and supporters. Especially after the CUB launch and recent liftoff in price for LEO this year. It’s all depicted in the collage artwork now on sale for HIVE tokens.

Only 4 minted tokens are for sale, and you can see the solar power in the composition today that accompanies the LEO subject, adding an astrological point of view and symbolism. The solar theme is strong in this piece. As usual the original is a hand made paper collage, in a unique style, filled with old school nostalgia. Just as LEO is the king of tokens on the Hive blockchain, similarly we see the Lion, king of the jungle, as well as the Sun, center of our solar system, and another royal symbol.

My NFT Leo Rising

This time the red and green contrasting colors predominate, although the pink and blue, as well as the gold are all present. Still, the religious iconography persists as with most of my works. The crossover of cultures and contrast of themes is what I aimed for, while simultaneously keeping a common theme.

You can see the finance symbols as well as some cryptocurrency influence finally creeping in, which will feature more in future works too. We are, after all, living on the blockchain and trading in cryptocurrency with our NFTs. The LEO here in today’s collage artwork is of Egyptian origin, which makes for some flavor when added tot he Buddhist monks on either side.

The cosmic background is a recurring theme in other works too, and they may even be part of a range. A collector could hang a few of them together on a wall in their virtual world or even in a 3d frame which one can obtain to display your NFT today. Some collectors only buy NFTs of which only one is ever minted. That makes it non-fungible. I could do that but I feel that there is enough reason to justify minting a very limited edition of say three of five editions of the tokenized artwork. And it can still be of value. I want slightly more than one person to have the work, but not too many.

Any more mintings would require the price to be significantly lower. As for the asking price – who can put a price on a work of art? We see occasional NFTs sell for thousands of dollars on other gallery sites sometimes, yet an artist wants to be paid for their time as well as for their creativity. That said, the use of the hive blockchain is still really small for NFTs so I can’t price myself out of the market. In time to come, if interest grows, then the works will up in value, so any NFT collector will do well to pick up one of these while the price is reasonable.

I know there are one or two LEO devs or hodlers who will appreciate this collage artwork and benefit from having it in their collection. You can even see the little CUB in the bottom left corner of the image. The reclining Buddha shows that profit will flow, even to the monks who do little externally, but also reap the rewards, thanks to staking their time, life force and dedication to the goal of attaining enlightenment.

Just stake those LEO and CUB tokens and the profit will come in, even if you are reclining like the Buddha. Let me know what you think guys. This is a great addition to the overall collection so far and I hope it will please the LEO tribe.

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