1UP token has already landed on the moon – oh wait it’s a 2200% glitch
1UP token price

1UP token has already landed on the moon – oh wait it’s a 2200% glitch

Here’s a little something that may interest you, depending on whether you hodl 1UP tokens, from the Uptrennd tokenized social media platform that is making waves in the cryptosphere lately.


Take a look at this screenshot of the 1UP token price on cooinmarketcap.com and notice the 2242% price pump, taking the 1UP token from $0.003 to $0.07 overnight. Not a bad little profit there hey? All this is happening as bitcoin smashes the $20k ATH and pumps a further 15% overall, to reach $22k.


Now if you are a crypto social media enthusiast, you will know Uptrennd , the blog site that pays you in 1UP tokens for every upvote or like. It’s a great way to earn crypto and Uptennd is joining the new trend towards paid social media. Finally bloggers and writes of original creative content can earn our deserved rewards for our work.


Of course, this massive pump of over 20x profit in one day appears to be a little out of the ordinary, and I personally doubt it will last. It looks like a pump and dump, where price skyrockets but then crashes just as fast. Let’s wait and see.


I have been writing and posting on Uptrennd for some months and have accumulated a bit of 1UP token, which is why I’m personally interested to see this 22x increase in the value of my 1UP tokens right now. I could sell my liquid 1UP for BTC or ETH and be smiling.


Unfortunately the Uptrennd system requires you to wait 8 days for the transfer of your 1UP, which is how their system works, based on manual confirmation of your transfer request. Presumably after 8 days, the pump in price will have crashed back down and be a small blip in the flat chart. So I have little hope that I will still be able to sell my 1UP at this inflated price in 8 days from now, when my tokens eventually arrive in my ERC-20 wallet.


Then I will need to find out where I can sell them for ETH presumably, like Uniswap for example. That’s the latest instant decentralized exchange, where we can trade ERC-20 tokens easily. Such massively inflated pumps in price are, unfortunately not real. It’s a glitch guys.


In other words the numbers are fake. Sorry but that is not the price of 1UP token right now. For some reason all over the crypto market, this number is being shown as the price, but it’s false. The price is the same humble $0.003 per token.


We really need to be alert to these glitches of broken systems that we seem to be reliant on. I presume price will fall back to its lowly status in a few hours. How this kind of thing can happen is anybody’s guess. When all your wallets and coinmarketcap.com itself is showing this price, then something is wrong with the system overall at Uptrennd.


It is enough to make you feel like you are on a rollercoaster today. You wake up to see that bitcoin is up 15% overnight, smashing to $22k for the first time in history, and then you 1UP token is up 22x, and yet this is all like froth on the top of a coffee cup, a massive bubble, or a dream. Well the bitcoin price is real but the 1UP ERC-20 token price is an illusion.


So unfortunately no ice cream money for you today 1UP hodlers. We wait until one day when perhaps price will gain some value, otherwise we simply hodl or sell it for a few peanuts. And that’s ok because peanuts can keep you from death’s door when you are hungry lol. So go back to bed and dream on, while 1UP remains as it is.


No doubt, in months to come 1UP can make a gradual gain in price, so watch this space. All the altcoins should be climbing in value, now that bitcoin is on a bull cycle to the moon. That’s the theory anyway. Let’s see how 1UP and the other crypto social media sights fare in the coming year ahead. It could be out time to shine.



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