The Phoneum Token Migrates from ETH to TRON Network

By TechShooter | Projects | 26 Jul 2020

Phoneum is a cryptocurrency created to let people partecipate in the new digital economy.

Using the Cloud Earning PHT, you can earn some PHT without doing anything, just visiting the app once a week. You can start earning downloading the app here (please, use the code hfzx1y8j to have 200 PHT and help me).


The 25th July 2020 PHT changed the Network from Ethereym to TRON, probably for the recent high fees on the Ethereum blockchain, the withdrawal limit reduced from 30.000 to 20.000 PHT and now PHT should be withdrawed to a TRON address.

What do you thing? Is this a good thing for PHT?

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