1inch.exchange Introduction

By TechShooter | Projects | 14 Mar 2020

1inch.exchange is a DEX aggregator, it helps to find the best price, it "Achieves best rates by splitting orders among multiple DEXes in one single transaction".

You can choose the Limit additional price slippage and the GAS fee of the transaction.

They also have limit orders.


There are multiple ways you can connect your wallet:


The Decentralized Exchanges included are Uniswap, Bancor, 0x Relays, Oasis, Kyber, Airswap, Curve.fi, PMM.

MultiSplit uses more exchanges to achieve the best rates:

It shows prices in external exchanges too, like Binance or Bittrex.

Transactions on 1inch.exchange are up to 42% cheaper because of using GasToken.

You can follow them on Twitter for more news!

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