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Zignaly: The platform surprises do not end!

By MikeZillo | Project I Support | 23 Jun 2022

In the Deep Review I explained to you step by step how the platform works, dwelling on the very interesting aspect of Profit-Sharing (if you have not yet registered, now is the right time!).
Profit-Sharing, nothing more than sharing with the trader we have decided to follow (thus copying his trades) the profits derived.
In my opinion, this is an extremely important chance that puts the basis for the democratic nature of the platform.
And it is only the tip of the iceberg!
If you remember, there is a dedicated wallet in the platform where native Zignaly tokens can be held the ZIG token.
This token has a very specific purpose within the Zignaly ecosystem, in fact it is rightfully a utility token, but it plays a much more important role.
The ZIG token is a Governance token, that gives the right to vote to the holders.
Through Governance tokens, all participants in the ecosystem can cast a vote (in favor or against) for a proposal to upgrade the platform or else. Like in the Blockchain!
Something like what happens in the Ethereum blockchain with EIPs.
This is the preparatory phase to the creation of a DAO.
Yes, you got it right Zignaly wants to become fully decentralized and put the management of the entire platform in the hands of the community.
But what is meant by a DAO?

A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.
This structure of the organization basically transforms management from "pyramidal" to networked:


In a DAO, there is no central body, decisions are practiced by the community, and the weight of the vote depends on the number of tokens one possesses.
Of course, the whole thing, being managed by a Smart-Contract, has the right limitations to avoid centralization of voting.

Having clarified what is meant by DAO, let us proceed to talk about the philosophy that underlies the whole organization.
This philosophy is summarized in the sentence below:


Zignaly's goal is to make investing accessible to all people who are not in the 1%!
Yes, you can very well participate too!
However, remember to use only that amount of money that you can afford to lose!

Let's go deeper and let's see what the basic principles of ZigDAO.

  • Trust;
  • Community;
  • Speed.

Trust in the honesty and transparency of the community, for ZigDAO this is a core value, without this assumption a solid and lasting ecosystem cannot be created!

It is us, the users. When DAO is sustained by smart contract alone, the responsibility for the success of the project is ours, and if we believe in it, we will go very far!

Simple and intuitive user interfaces (you saw it in the Deep Review how easy the dashboard is to use!).

On these 3 pillars stands the whole structure of ZigDAO, which is divided into 7 levels:

  • Funding;
  • Governance;
  • Bridge;
  • Trading;
  • Data;
  • ZIGLab;
  • Interfaces

Each service will have a dedicated token that will be acquired when you connect to the service and will be returned when you exit.
The smart contract will manage two positions autonomously and automatically: a liquidity pool and an auto-liquidation mechanism. The supply in tokens is defined a priori by the service provider

ZIG DAO wants decision-making, fast, transparent, and fair; that is why 1 Token = 1 Vote is discarded a priori. A proxy vote is used: token holders will be able to delegate to the member they trust most.
This will create a council that can decide on changes to the protocol only when the community has decided.

Zignaly is hosted on the Polygon blockchain, but this does not prevent it from being able to cross-chain to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by DLT.

Trading offers a myriad of opportunities to make money especially within the blockchain, just think of staking, farming and NFTs.
Not least of which are CEX and DEX.
Obviously Zignaly will not go into all of these, but he will make sure to set up secure partnerships to be able to use all of these services.

As mentioned, one of the pillars of Zignaly is transparency, so everything will be public and available for anyone who wants to consult it; in fact, all track records are already shared. In the DAO, these tracks will all be recorded on a decentralized and immutable database in the future.

We are talking about the business unit that created the ZIGPad vault. Through the ZIGPad you get in touch with other communities and consequently other projects: you increase your earning potential as new projects are previewed on the ZIGPad!

The interface will follow the Copy-trading principle: simple, intuitive, and clear.
To participate in a project, all it will take is a simple click on the "INVEST" button.
The beauty will be before you click this button, in fact you will be able to get in touch with the project community and understand its potential before committing any assets.
Isn't that extraordinary?
You are perfectly on time, just register HERE and purchase ZIG tokens!

This journey of transformation into ZIGDAO, will follow a very specific path, but more about that next time!
Stay tuned for new, further updates!!!

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