The Ethic Shop

The Ethic Shop

By MikeZillo | Project I Support | 24 Nov 2021

Today we focus on the website that was born from the work of Ethicoins: that’s why we will tell you about their innovative Ethic Shop, their ethical shop. Some of you may remember that the planned launch date was set for 2022… So why are we talking about it today?

First of all, we confirm all our previous information: the site activation was not planned before the beginning of 2022.

But the hard work of the Ethicoins team created a great result and the website is already available.

Well yes, in fact the site is within everyone's reach since October 2021, with a starting catalogue of about a hundred products ... you got it right, yes, a hundred products!

You may be wondering what is so special about the aforementioned products, maybe, well… we will explain it to you immediately: the shop only sells ethical products that are specifically created without exploiting the environment, people or animal kingdom.

By spending your tokens, or your money through the most common online payments gateway (such as: cryptocurrencies, Paypal and debit/credit card) you will have the certainty that 5% of the cost of your final purchases will be donated to charity.

Buying already known products , which you may already normally use in your daily life, or discovering new ones, you will sustain ethical associations, manufacturers and many other types of nice activities… nice, uh?


And how can you verify the contribution?

The blockchain is used precisely for this, to show the transmission of data in real time and to be able to track a single transaction with the utmost precision thanks to its uniqueness.

At the time of purchase, the customer receives a certificate that can be quantified in tokens, corresponding to 5% of the amount spent, which contains a unique transaction code that can be monitored on the blockchain. This code allows the customer to stay up to date on the payments status, where and how the capital have been addressed.

Ethicoins institutional website is constantly updated, it is currently available in English and Italian, and we will shortly see the Business Plan 2.0 that will allow all the audience to get conceptual access to the real Ethicoins essence. 

What determined the choice of certain products is certainly the ethics that aims at a careful and conscious choice of the companies involved being constantly updated them, as well as the products. That is why they started with a hundred of products, rising month by month.

So far, the following categories are already included:

Building, Clothes, Health, Vehicle, Electronic, Machine, Train and Read

as well as available on the Ethic Shop e-commerce site.

We will soon have new updates directly from the CEO, Cav. Mauro Marasca, but in the meantime, we suggest you to stay up to date and to follow all the news directly on the official pages of Instagram and Telegram.

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