Ethicoins presents results at the Convivial.

By MikeZillo | Project I Support | 24 Dec 2021

Here we are again! This time we’re talking about Ethicoins… and how they decided to operate alongside the Knights of Malta, a millenary order that prepares to operate in total transparency through blockchain and non-profit, charitable actions towards those most in need.

Their last ceremony was last weekend, on December 11, 2021, a particularly important day also for the CEO of Ethicoins, as he is also a member of the Order in question: in fact, he holds the title of knight.

The national banquet of the whole Order was therefore held in Rome, we were able to meet in person, in full compliance with the rules in force in terms of civil and religious ceremonies, with a small number of presences but still in person, almost like some time ago, when “normality was the normality” and all these rules were not necessary.

The OSJ and Ethicoins event

In the city of Rome, on December 11, 2021, in the prestigious Basilica of San Camillo De Lellis with the participation of over three hundred people, the Investiture Ceremony was held  and about eighty new postulants were welcomed within the Order of the Knights of Malta OSJ, personally appointed by the Prince himself assisted by the most important members.



Ethicoins at the Annual Convivial

At the end of the investitures Ethicoins made its institutional presentation, describing in detail the company focus and the planning of 2022, showing also a preview of the new website soon online, the functionality of the Ethic Shop e-commerce already online and the Beta version of the new platforms, the ECS Academy for training with competitions among participants with large prizes in tokens and the ECS Foundation, with simple and attractive graphics, to see in detail all the cash flows dedicated to charity, to know in real time where they have been donated and at the same time how they have been used, all to protect the donor but especially the one who needs it.

Projects carried out by Ethicoins

This year the Order has decided:
- to help the construction of the Atis platform on the Garda Lake to facilitate diving with the handicapped,
- to support Feeding America by donating 10. 000 meals,
- to help the Italian Red Cross by collaborating at the campaign #iltempodellagentilezza and
- to financially assist the campaign #emergenzacovid19,
- to help the association “Indipendenze” both with economic support and by participating in meetings for young people with problems
- moreover a contribution was made to the campaign “deforestazione zero”;
- finally 15,000 individual food kits were donated to Africa for the “Rise Against Hunger”.

All transactions involving the charity managed by the Order are obviously demonstrable by Paypal and credit card payments, but it is precisely for this purpose that the Ethicoins cryptocurrency was created strictly connected to a blockchain: to make transactions demonstrable, secure, controllable but above all fast and immediate.

Ethicoins rewards those who contribute

At the end of the presentation was announced that the active participation is open to all, also the Advisor with the best performance in ethics, honor, respect and humility, with active participation in the project of Ethicoins, will be recognized as a Knight of Malta ad honorem.

In addition, among all, the most deserving will be invested with the prestigious position of Commander, to participate actively in the management of the Priory of Northern Italy.

So we just have to wait for the start of this particular Giveaway and may the best win… in honor!


Me and Ethicoins, we want to wish you:


See you after the holiday season, but don't worry because the online shop is always active!!!

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