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Ethicoins is first of all Ethical!

By MikeZillo | Project I Support | 9 Dec 2021

Here we go, talking again about Ethicoins and you may be wondering why. Well, it's quickly said: we can finally announce that Ethicoins' ICO campaign has been launched!!!

Officially from the first of December 2021 Ethicoins has launched its ICO, inviting anyone interested to participate. In fact it's a public offering, open to everyone and you might be potentially interested yourself.

You should know that Ethicoins was born with the intent to do good things, to help ensure greater transparency in the operations of charity, that are often cradle of deception and dense plots to ensure a personal gain forgetting about others. This was the spark that gave rise to the project, which allowed, Mauro, the CEO to found Ethicoins.


Nothing strange if we now recall a detail about the CEO in question: the Italian Cav. Mauro Marasca, Knight of Malta who belongs to the Sovereign Order of Jerusalem. A vocation, that of charity, cultivated thanks to the OSJ that enhances and supports this project.

To officially present the project, the CEO will be involved in several occasions, in presence but especially in virtual form.

One of these occasions will take place on December 11, 2021 in Rome, at the annual convivial of the Knights of Malta in Rome, Italy.

It has been possible, in fact, thanks to the brilliant management of His Royal Highness Prince Don Thorbjorn Paternò Castello d'Ayerbe d'Aragona di Carcaci d'Emanuel Prince of Valencia of Malta himself, to succeed in organizing the annual convivial once again this year: the Knights have never stopped even in times of Covid, indeed they have increased their humanitarian operations, dutifully complying with the regulations of the Code of Ethics and Statute in order to do so.


Ethicoins will be present, participating and active in the 3 specific areas of which we have dealt extensively, but that we remember are the Planet, Humanity and the Animal Kingdom.

Will also be presented projects for 2022 partnership wit Greenpeace, Croce Rossa Italiana, Feeding America, Rise Against Hunger ed ATIS Diving Club.

All this is happening right in December 2021, with the new year just around the corner, a year that will certainly bring us to talk about Ethicoins again, with great surprises and news!

Now all we have to do is wait for the annual event on December 11, 2021 to be able to understand in detail all the humanitarian operations carried out and especially all those planned for the year 2022.

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MikeZillo Verified Member

Daily Trader, Mining Farm Project Manager, Blockchain consultant, Cryptocurrency evangelist. You can find more videos here Telegram: @mikezillo

Project I Support
Project I Support

Project I Support

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