Zetachain and the opportunity to change positions

I. About Zetachain

ZetaChain is the foundational, public blockchain that enables omnichain, generic smart contracts and messaging between any blockchain. It solves the problems of “cross-chain” and “multi-chain” and aims to open the crypto and global financial ecosystem to anyone. ZetaChain envisions and supports a truly fluid, multi-chain crypto ecosystem, where users and developers can move between and appreciate the benefits of any blockchain: payments, DeFi, liquidity, games, art, social graphs, performance, security, privacy, and so on.

zetachain main website

Key features
  • Decentralized and public
  • Hyper-connected nodes
  • Omnichain message passing
  • Omnichain smart contracts
  • Managed external assets
The current situation

The market is constantly evolving at an amazing rate with many different ecosystems serving their own purposes: Security, decentralization, scalability, speed, cost, etc. These blockchains are just that. some requirements but not all due to the trilemma (security, decentralization, scalability) need something that can link blockchains together to optimize each function of each blockchain.

Zetachain's Vision

Zetachain's vision is to be a blockchain that links all the other important blockchains together. On top of that, decentralized applications can be built easily on cross-chains.

Before Zetachain, the division of different cross-chain solutions made the fragmentation bigger and bigger.

Once Zetachain is in place, users and developers can easily work on different blockchains seamlessly. An Omnichain dApp model is established.


Development team

According to what was introduced, the Zetachain team has been experienced in the cryptocurrency field since 2013 and the members have all worked for large projects such as Coinbase, Brave, 0x. Although it has just started and there is still a lot of information that has not been officially announced, the Zetachain team shows the refinement of its product when the information channels about the project are always updated regularly aimed at educating the community. better copper.

What is ZetaPoint used for?

ZetaPoint is a bonus from the network added to users when they complete the respective tasks, specifically as follows:
250 Points: For each transaction that your referral (reference) makes.
1,000 Points: For each transaction that you make daily. Each day you get up to 1,000 points maximum for a transaction.
5,000 Points: For each friend, you refer (connect wallet and confirm social media accounts) via the invite link.
10,000++ Points: For errors, you find when making transactions on the ZetaChain network. Bonus points are awarded depending on the type of bug found.
ZetaPoint will be a yardstick for testing and recording user contributions on the ZetaChain testnet. Maybe this will be one of the bases for the network to airdrop for users.

II. Preparation before doing testnet ZetaChain

Download and install MetaMask wallet
First, you need to download the Metamask wallet in here

Testnets will be automatically added to the wallet when you interact with certain assets. In addition, we need to add Polygon blockchain to receive NFT ZetaChain on Galxe according to the information below:

Connect your wallet and get ZETA testnet

To participate in the testnet on ZetaChain, you need to set up a ZetaChain wallet account through the following steps:
🔴Step 1: Visit the ZetaLabs homepage here and select Connect Wallet → MetaMask.
🔴Step 2: Select the Get Zeta item to receive the ZETA Testnet. Before that, you need to connect your Twitter and Discord accounts to confirm you are not a bot.
🔴Step 3: Click Request Access to receive ZETA Testnet and gas on the respective networks.

zetachain faucet 1

In addition to this, you can also faucet through the command “Zeta faucet drip + wallet address” at the “zeta-faucet” channel of ZetaChain.

zetachain faucet 2

Asset Faucet on Goerli testnet, BNB testnet
In addition to the ZETA testnet, if you need more ETH or BNB on the respective networks to do transaction gas fees. Faucet through the following websites:

Connect a wallet and create an account on Galxe
There will be NFTs certifying users' interaction with the ZetaChain testnet network, you will be minted these NFTs as a certificate of completion of the task. There are currently 3 quests waiting for you on Galxe.
Before joining mint NFT and doing tasks, you need to set up a wallet account through the following steps:
🔴Step 1: Visit Galxe's homepage here. Then, choose Connect Wallet → MetaMask to connect the wallet.
🔴Step 2: Select the avatar on the right corner of the screen → Settings → Social Link.
🔴Step 3: In the Social Link section, connect your Discord and Twitter accounts to be allowed to mint NFT. These two accounts will also be used to interact with ZetaChain testnet tasks.

zetachain galxe

Instructions for making testnet on ZetaChain
Swap on ZetaChain testnet

Swap feature will be a way for you to receive 1,000 ZETA Points 24 hours. This is an extremely simple way to earn points, you should remember to do it every day.

🔴Step 1: Access the Swap section through the link here.
🔴Step 2: Select the network, and asset type and enter the number of assets needed to trade. Encourage everyone to make transactions with ZETA tokens (minimum 3 tokens) and exchange the target chains for the next time.
🔴Step 3: Approve ZETA token and select Review Order.

zetachain swap 1

Check the transaction information and select Swap.

zetachain swap 2

Please note: Remember to take a photo of the completed transaction to send it to ZetaChain Discord's "testnet feedback" channel, with the syntax of the completed transaction photo and the wallet address.
The transaction will take a long time to complete, so you should take the time to continue doing the other tasks that I guide below.

Create a link and invite friends

Sharing the link to invite your friends to join the network will greatly increase your score. For each friend you refer, connect your wallet, and make your first transaction, you will receive 5,000 ZETA Points. In addition, for every transaction that the invitee makes every day, you will receive 250 ZETA Points.

🔴Step 1: At the home page of ZetaLabs, select Earn ZETA Points.
🔴Step 2: Select Share on Twitter if you want to share on social networks. Or choose Copy Link to send to the people you want to invite to participate in the ZetaChain Testnet experience.

Get NFT on Galxe

After completing the above tasks, you can basically receive ZetaChain's NFT and OAT on Galxe through the following link:

  • ZETA Supporter OAT here.
  • Omnichain ZETA-USDT Swap NFT here.
  • Omnichain ZETA gETH-ZETA Swap NFT here.
  • Omnichain MATIC-ZETA Swap here.

zetachain galxe 1

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