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What does a make-up artist do on set?

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We reveal the intricacies of the work of a professional make-up artist on a film set.

Publication from PiterPro_Production together with Mikhail Smirnov (founder and head of CMCproduction and SmartREC).

If there is an actor, an extra, or even a specialist from the client (an employee who has been assigned the task of filming) on the set, then the work of a make-up artist becomes absolutely necessary.

The quality of any video depends on many details, and people who look beautiful in the frame are a very important link, because this is how aesthetics appears in the video. Neat hairstyles, no one’s skin is shiny, there are no abrasions, bruises under the eyes or pimples.

In our company, we divide make-up artists into three categories: there is a make-up artist, a make-up artist (make-up artist assistant) and a make-up artist (MUA / MUAX). This article will help you understand what kind of specialists these are, as well as who and where needs to be involved.

Makeup artist Mila Semenova at work on the set

Makeup artist

Makeup artist

A makeup artist is the most expensive specialist in our company. He is only involved in work on production shoots - mainly for film releases, commercials or music videos, and less often for image videos.

The artist’s task is to figure out how to realize the task set by the production director, namely to develop and embody the image of the actor - to age him, make him look younger, draw bruises or abrasions, stain him with blood, and maybe even apply voluminous makeup and turn him into an unknown beast.

The makeup artist's work begins long before filming begins. First, an image is invented - references are selected and sketches are made. After the director approves the developed look, the artist begins to search for suitable materials and makeup, while simultaneously coordinating this set with the actor.

Makeup artist creates a look for an actor

Makeup artist

It happens that the process of creating images is tested on doubles, so that on set the makeup artist and his assistants can confidently implement the task with the actor approved for the role.

As a rule, when setting the timing, the second director allocates one hour of makeup for each actor. But if the makeup is really complex, then it may take even more than four hours for the makeup artist to work on the image of one actor.

And when a large project is planned, in which several actors are filming at once and everyone needs to do complex makeup, the makeup artist becomes the head of the makeup department and supervises the work of a whole group of assistant makeup artists.

During the filming process, the make-up artist must be fully armed and ready to get into work at any moment

make-up artist

Make-up artist (make-up assistant) - either performs the tasks of a make-up artist, or as an independent specialist can solve the tasks of the director (as a rule, when there is no need for complex make-up, and all the characters should look natural “like in life”). This specialist is present on set during the entire shooting time and makes sure that the actor’s appearance looks great in the frame that is broadcast on the director’s monitor. We involve a make-up artist in production shootings where actors and extras participate - and these are, as a rule, image and advertising videos.

MUAH is an abbreviation that stands for “make-up and hair artist”, translated into Russian: “make-up and hair artist” or “make-up artist and stylist - hair master”. This is no longer a makeup artist, but a makeup artist. This specialist can do not only makeup, but also hairstyles for characters. Just like a makeup artist, he often starts working on a project early. This specialist is involved in filming stylish, modern and fashionable advertising videos for social networks, and in filming with models.

Very often we hear: “I have my own makeup artist”; “why is your makeup so expensive - my neighbor will make me up quite beautifully in the morning,” etc. As a result, we are faced with real problems when a make-up artist or makeup artist works on the client’s side, and all because these specialists do not understand the filming process. As a rule, makeup artists who do not work on film sets believe that it is enough to apply makeup to the hero once and leave (most often such makeup artists work at weddings). They are no longer concerned with what the bride will look like in an hour, two, etc. And in our case, the same oily sheen that appears on the hero’s skin becomes very obvious in the frame due to the special camera light - therefore, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the makeup in the frame and bring it into proper shape in time. That is why a make-up artist or make-up artist must be present on the set the entire time the hero or actor is filming. At each request from the director, the specialist is obliged to correct the make-up or make-up to a state that looks acceptable on the screen.

Quite often there are cases of illiterate application of makeup for filming - when girls are painted brightly with glitter and even cover their faces with glossy varnishes, powders, etc. If the heroine enters the frame after such “experiments,” her entire face shines in the staged light, and her makeup is reflected by every light fixture. Naturally, makeup adjustments begin and shooting time is lost. Therefore, it is so important that there is a real professional make-up artist on site who has certain knowledge, skills and abilities.

A professional make-up artist will carefully ensure that faces do not shine and look as photogenic as possible.

make-up artist

We also come across situations where a specialist, due to the lack of the required experience, does not understand how and even why to prepare men for photography. Yes - for filming, men’s faces are also put on makeup, and often even much more than on girls’ faces.

Of course, your specialist is most likely cheaper and even possibly much cheaper - it seems that this way you can save a lot on makeup. But as a rule, a simple master has no idea how much powder, lipstick and varnish needs to be spent for an acceptable result. Already on set it turns out that he is not ready to spend so much of his cosmetics. Initially, he does not spend as much money on his materials, which is why it costs less.

“Only my specialist knows how to put my makeup on” - in our experience, this approach ends with a combination of all the above errors, and this affects the loss of shooting time. And it is important to note that the cost of overtime for the film crew is much higher than the difference that you will save by inviting your own specialist. But if your specialist really knows how to paint you, then you can consider the option of preliminary communication with our professional makeup artist, or even provide for the presence of both masters on the set, where they will agree with each other.

Popular bloggers, film and television stars often work only with their personal makeup artists, who are agreed upon in advance and are included in the cost of the actor’s work shift. But even in these cases, the presence of a make-up artist from the production side is considered standard.

A makeup artist helps with a look for Anfisa Chekhova during the filming of a series of Tik-Tok commercials

A makeup artist helps with a look for Anfisa Chekhova during the filming of a series of Tik-Tok commercials

makeup artist

Purpose of the video: Advertising campaign to popularize the TikTok application in Russia.

In our articles we very often remind you that the filming process is about time. The more competently everything is planned, the more time you can spend on the shooting itself, on takes, on rehearsals, and that is why you get more footage, more opportunities for post-production, and in particular editing. After all, you are paying for a full-fledged, high-quality product, paying for the work time of each specialist... So let’s take the most important thing from every minute of shooting time - the footage, and not waste time on delays.

Make-up artist

Make-up artist

Make-up artist

Make-up artist

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