Videography with children

Video shooting with children

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Video filming with children - permission to film, the intricacies of this area and recommendations.

Publication from PiterPro_Production together with Mikhail Smirnov (founder and head of CMCproduction and SmartREC).

Previously, I thought that working with children on set was very difficult, and therefore I might not be able to cope. We even tried not to create scenes with kids in the scripts for our videos. But by the will of fate, we began to regularly come across projects with the obligatory participation of children. We approached our first filming with children with great apprehension, but in the end we thoroughly enjoyed the filming process. There was even a strong feeling that it was not you who directed everything here, but that they themselves were playfully filming. Many years have passed since that shooting, but the resulting advertising video is still playing on YouTube and has already received more than ten million views.

One of our first major projects on video filming with children - an advertising video for the Slime toy.


Purpose of the video: Promotional video for a social media campaign.

Later, when creating concepts, we began to try to involve children at any appropriate moment. In advertising reviews of toys, image videos, photo shoots and even in advertising videos for cars. Why? It’s just that their spontaneity and smiles create a pleasant positive atmosphere in the video - as a result, the viewer’s desire to watch such a video only grows. Also, videos with children can always be filled with jokes and humor.

Of course, such filming has its own characteristics - not everyone can handle a full twelve-hour shift, and even the most persistent guys get very tired. But our producers are already quite skilled in this matter, so they plan the filming process with children very clearly - so that each child appears only in time for their filming. Undoubtedly, lunch time and “mediation” breaks are taken into account, and there was even the experience of a “quiet hour” break. But all these difficulties are justified by a really cool result.

Now video shooting with children is one of our main directions in production.

Advertising video with a beautiful young actress


Video with child actors for the Kidburg play area

child actors

Young actors assembled

Young actors

The filming of each project turns into one big game, in which our entire film crew participates - from artists to drivers. We invite and approve many guys from project to project - this allows us to shorten the getting-to-know-you stage and start working right away. We are also confident in the capabilities of these guys and know that with them the shooting will go perfectly. Our film crew consists of creative but responsible people, so the children’s parents already trust our team so much that they are not afraid to leave their children with us - they know that their child will always be in front of our eyes, safe, in a creative mood, fed, warm, beautiful and in a great mood.

Filming children and publishing their images is only possible with the consent of parents or legal representatives, so on the day of filming we provide an official document for signing.

The only trouble is that kids grow up very quickly, and you really want to use their charming images from video to video!






Sisters (funny video).

Let's party at Joki Joya.

Rules for traveling on a scooter.

Hallway Monte Furniture.

Summer. Image video.

Publication from PiterPro_Production
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Publication in Russian on the Zen blog


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