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This show awakens passion

This show awakens the passion in everyone.

Behind the scenes, at every table, behind the bar - everything at this moment is saturated with desire. Which one exactly? Everyone has their own secret… LuxOr is working as a whole team to unravel your secret desires.

And if Cupid exists, he will definitely be here!
We are ready for the show "SECRET WISHES". And you?
Dare to look beyond the limits of what is permitted!

You can make wishes to Santa Claus, but once he has already turned gray, having learned one of them ... For adult secrets, more serious wizards are needed. Luxor Show. 

Theater of Fashion and Dance Show Luxor.
Dance and gymnastic show "Lux`Or" is a professional show project, winner of many dance and modeling competitions.
SHOW BALLET Show Luxor, created in 2006 in St. Petersburg, combines only high-level masters: Masters of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics, Masters of Sports in ballroom dancing, graduates of the Academy of Russian Ballet, as well as talented designers - all those who have dedicated world of fashion and dance all my life. 



A series of videos from the video studio CMCproduction:
"Stylish Video"
"Atmosphere of Passion Show Luxor"
Stylish video Show Luxor
Show Luxor (Video for Luxor Show program)

Full publication, a lot of photos, performances, recreation and personal life, videos, comments:
Dance and gymnastic show Show Luxor (Part 1)
Dance and gymnastic show Show Luxor (Part 2)
Dance is your pulse. Show ballet Luxor
Theater of fashion and dance show-ballet LuxOr 

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Violetta Wennman

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Ship Shard
Ship Shard

Professional videoproduction CMCproduction & SmartREC CMCproduction - full cycle video production SmartREC - the first mobile video production in St. Petersburg

professional videoproduction
professional videoproduction

Professional videoproduction CMCproduction & SmartREC. CMCproduction - full cycle video production. SmartREC - the first mobile video production in St. Petersburg. All Links

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