The secret of a successful video, or why you need a script

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Why do you need a high-quality script in a commercial video?

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For a high-quality video, the visual component is incredibly important: camera work, acting. But without a single connecting idea, even masterpiece shots will remain simple cuts that will not attract the viewer. The idea is laid down at the stage of writing the script. That is why a well-written script determines the success of a future video by 50%.

To start writing a script, a specialist needs to know the purpose and message of the future video. Once these details are determined, you can begin developing the concept and writing the script for the video.

A script is necessary not only in cinematography, but also when creating commercial videos. Why is it so important? How not to waste your budget? Let's find out in the article!


Pre-production: Concept development, script plan and script.
Let's look at the basic definitions.

A concept is a general idea that defines the main elements and direction of script development. It includes the purpose and key steps that should be conveyed in the video. The concept helps define the main plot points, characters, atmosphere and visual style that will be used in the future.

A scenario plan is a simplified version of the scenario, where the structure and sequence of events are spelled out. It contains information about each scene, characters, dialogue and actions that occur in the video. A script outline helps the writer organize and structure his ideas and provides a framework for further development of the text.

A script is a description of events, dialogues, video sequences and actions in a future video. It contains, for example, the characters' lines, the close-up and distance of shots, the graphic component, intra-frame text, and voice-over audio.

PiterPro_production director Nikita Khozyainov and Anfisa Chekhova discuss a scene from the script

scene from the script

How a script saves budget when creating a video.

The script is the connecting element between the film crew and the client. Without a pre-prepared script, the result of the video will not meet expectations. This is noticeable only at the installation stage. As a rule, the lack of a script leads to additional filming - and new costs.

The importance of scripts is:

Structuring and organizing content. The script allows you to structure and organize the content of the video. It identifies the key messages that should be conveyed to the viewer and divides the information into logical blocks.

Determination of the sequence of events. The script helps the writer and director of the video determine the sequence of events and establishes the order in which the various scenes will be presented. This is important for creating a cohesive story that will hold the audience's attention and convey information in an accessible way.

Choice of visual elements and audio. The script allows you to select suitable visual elements and audio for the video. It determines what frames, animations, graphics, or other visual effects will be used to reinforce the video's message. The script also includes sound effects, background music or voiceovers. This also allows you to avoid numerous edits at the post-production stage: filming is already underway, taking into account the fact that certain elements were stated in the script.

Creating quality content for viewers. A script is a document that regulates the entire filming process on set and further video processing. It is possible to deviate from it, and sometimes even necessary: but it is the script that captures the main idea, which may well be lost during major stages of production - production and post-production. Thus, a coherent story is obtained that will be accessible to the viewer - and therefore successful.

The PiterPro_production film crew is happy - everything is going according to script

Film crew

So, what are scripts for and why should you pay for them?

The pre-production stage is key in creating a video. The team works to clearly clarify all the client’s needs and tasks, come up with a graphic and visual form for them, record it, coordinate it with the customer - and then implement it on the screen.

A script is a step-by-step instruction according to which the film crew and the customer implement the project. With it you can be confident in the final result and control the creative process.

Writing a script

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