Nastya Novakovskaya

Talented Nastya Novakovskaya (music)

Talented girl Nastya Novakovskaya ๐ŸŽถ
Fans of classical music, professional performance, beautiful real vocals must pay attention ๐Ÿ‘

Nastya Novakovskaya

The song of the Snow Maiden (Whirling snowflakes dance ...) โœจโ„

Snowflakes are tiny kisses from heaven.
The report concert of the vocal and choral department of DSHI No. 4 (Musical fairy tale "The Lady of Music")

Anastasia Novakovskaya - Mozart, Despina's aria from the opera "This is what all Women do"

2nd year student 'Singing'
class of Professor Stakhovskaya O.V.

Novakovskaya Anastasia โ€“ J. Rossini, "Son come pastorella" (Shepherdess)

Novakovskaya Anastasia - Orpheev, "Trampled the path"

Performed by Nastya Novakovskaya
(Odessa, Ukraine)

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