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I want criticism
But not hard.
Xiaomi Redmi 4x
Photo Kristina Krylova

Photo Kristina Krylova

Photo Kristina Krylova

Photo Kristina Krylova

Photo Kristina Krylova

Photo Kristina Krylova

TopContent: I liked the second job.
Everything is fine there. I like everything. Nice to watch and the mood is great, thanks.

mood is great

For analysis, I will choose the third. There is the most there is something to say by composition.


Here, logically, the main object is the tower.
The main object should be the main thing. That is, dedicated.
In terms of brightness, it is the main one.
There is no main object in composition. Everything (branches, water, sky, tower) conflicts among themselves and the picture falls apart.
If you are affected from this picture, it approaches this way.
Take the tower in the frame by placing it anywhere on the thirds and find a place in which a frame of branches in the foreground will be created.
This is one of the options.
There can be a lot of them.

One of the improvements of this photo. We highlight the main object, care


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I am a professional in the field of video production. I love to shoot on the phone and with pleasure I will share materials from the filming and useful information about how it was shot.

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