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If you don't know about cryptocurrencies, this "Crypto" can teach you a lot. (FILM REVIEW)

By slobodanss | Prodigy on Demands | 17 Aug 2020


"Fear is the Ultimate Currency."

Beau Knapp (Agent Martin), who we know from movies like "Desire to Kill" and "Signal", plays the leading role in the movie "Crypto Profit" directed by John Stalberg. Kurt Russell (Martin's father), whom we often encounter in Hollywood movies; Luke Hemsworth (Caleb), Alexis Bledel (Katie), Vincent Kartheiser (Ted), Jill Hennessy (Robin), Malaya Rivera (Penelope), and Jeremie Harris (Earl) are the other cast members of the film.

Crypto Vurgun takes its name from virtual digital currencies such as Bitcoin, which we hear a lot today. The film shows that agent Martin (Beau Knapp), who works in the anti-money laundering center, lives in a large criminal network that has spread from the town of Elba in New York to Canada, to the Russian mafia and digital islands, and his fight against professional criminals trying to launder money through cryptocurrencies.


Martin Duran is a clerk at Omni Bank, headquartered in New York, who examines the inflows and outflows of large companies. Martin sees that payments are made to encrypted accounts on account transactions of a large company and asks for those encrypted accounts. Thereupon, the bank manager and chief Robin (Jill Hennessy) is sent to the bank's branch in the town of Elba after being pulled on a sled. Of course, Elba is the town where Martin was born and raised. Due to various family reasons, they broke down with his father and brother. When he returns ten years later, he is not welcome. In the process, his old friend Earl (Jeremie Harris) does not leave him alone. Earl is an expert hacker about cryptocurrencies. He even created a crypto money payment system in Earl's market.

Martin immediately gets to work at the branch he goes to and examines the account movements of the companies and sees an irregularity in the account transactions of the Endelman Art Gallery, but since the accounts of this gallery are also encrypted by the Omni Bank, he cannot reveal this money laundering business. He interviews two employees about the gallery to get information. The people he met are killed after the interview. Things are getting very messy, and at this point, he asks his friend Earl for help. Earl breaks the password for the Endelman gallery's accounts. Thus, it reveals that the Russian mafia is using the Endelman gallery to launder money to Elba from inside the Omni branch. The large amount of Bitcoin received is transferred to the digital islands via a front company. While investigating the criminal network, Martin suddenly finds himself in this trap. The Russian mafia kidnaps Martin's father (Kurt Russell) and cremates the Earl at work. Later, Martin collapses the Russian mafia and this organized crime ring after a no-hard fight.

 "Crypto" does not give anything to the public in the name of cinema, apart from telling about the crime of cryptocurrencies. It is as if the bad guys from the third-grade mafia movies appear in this movie, evoking movies that have been similar in the past. A cliché Hollywood script was created. The Russian mafia, etc., collapsed with the cooperation of a former soldier who fought in Iraq and a young FBI agent woman. A soulless movie that we can call neither drama, thriller nor action as a genre has emerged. In general, I can say that the performances of the actors do not surround the audience. Even the presence of Kurt Russell did not give the film an advantage. Of the actors, it can only be said that the director of the art gallery, Penelope's (Malaya Rivera) acting was very elegant. It is already clear from the worldwide reactions that the film will be a huge disappointment, let alone create excitement around the world. Still, it's up to you to watch the movie or not.


Perhaps the only advantage of Crypto is Bitcoin etc. in the world again. The future of virtual, electronic currencies is to be discussed. In this sense, the world is already divided into two. One group argues that cryptocurrencies will liberate people because they cannot be followed by a central authority, while another group (Governments and banks) argues that cryptocurrencies can pose a great threat as they can be used for illegal activities such as money laundering and tax evasion without any obstacles. Let's see, time will tell us where cryptocurrencies will evolve.

A line from the movie Crypto Shoot:

Art Gallery Director Penolope:" Safe poverty is better than abundance amid fear and uncertainty. Wouldn't it be good if life was that simple? A simple life is now just a legend, there is no return to such a country. There are backdoors that only bad guys use."


Director: John Stalberg Jr.

Director of Photography: Pieter Vermeer

Cast: Beau Knapp, Alexis Bledel, Kurt Russell, Luke Hemsworth, Vincent Kartheiser, Jill Hennessy, Gabe Fazio, Malaya Rivera Drew

USA / Crime-Crime Thriller / 105 Min.



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