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MFT (Mainframe) privacy centered fixed rate crypto lending

By Andann427 | Privacy coins | 26 Aug 2020

(MFT) Mainframe with its backing of Edward Snowden’s freedom of the press association, backing from venture capitalists, shapeshifts Eric Voorhees, Ethereums Gavin Woods, and Zilliqa’s Xinshu Dong creates quite a resume of notable supporters. With a robust community and development team MFT is the utility token that drives the mainframe network. Mainframe is a decentralized p2p ecosystem that facilitates unstoppable and untraceable web applications. I think this cryptocurrency is notable to say the least and worthy of some research as I’ve laid out only the basics of what mainframe (MFT) is about and how it operates and facilitates it privacy centered web3 solutions. MFT also is a fixed rate crypto lending platform. The privacy is what draws me!

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Privacy coins

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