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Bitcoin Spinner Android App

18 Mar 2019 1 minute read 0 comments primo

I use an app called Bitcoin spinner that gives you Satoshi for each spin of the wheel. It builds up points as time goes on, and you use those points to spin the wheel. After the points run out, you can either wait for it to recharge on its own, or vi...

Hard Drive Rescued

17 Mar 2019 1 minute read 1 comment primo

A couple days ago my wife's laptop fell off of our bed and the monitor broke and would no longer turn on. It would have cost more to fix than it would have to just replace the laptop, but my wife didn't want to lose the information on her hard drive,...

I saved a cat stuck inside an engine block

17 Mar 2019 1 minute read 1 comment primo

I was walking down a street taking my dog out for a walk earlier today, and I heard a cat meowing. At first I was going to keep walking as I figured it was just a random cat in a yard or something, but as I started to continue walking I heard it agai...

Friday Finally

15 Mar 2019 1 minute read 3 comments primo

Thank God it is friday! I am so tired after this long week I can't wait to relax and play video games all weekend. What are your favorite things to do on the weekend? Are you a party goer, do you run errands or clean the house, do you prefer to veget...

Halo Master Chief Collection Coming to PC

14 Mar 2019 1 minute read 0 comments primo

Microsoft has announced that the Halo Master Chief Collection is being ported to the PC in its entirety. They are releasing them one game at a time however, starting with Halo: Reach. Release dates and pricing are yet to be announced, but 343 Studios...

Stream from your PC to your Xbox One

14 Mar 2019 1 minute read 0 comments primo

Microsoft released a new app for Windows 10 that lets you stream your PC game to your Xbox One, and play it with a controller. In the past, Microsoft allowed you to do the opposite, and stream from Xbox to your PC. This is a great way to play Steam g...

Post engagement stats intrigue me

13 Mar 2019 1 minute read 4 comments primo

I have been on this platform now for a few days, with what I would say is a good set of posts under my belt. It does intrigue me as to what posts garner the most views as well as tips. The stats show a varying degree of interest, which helps me see w...

Code is very picky

12 Mar 2019 1 minute read 3 comments primo

It is amazing how picky software development can be. If you forget a semicolon, or put a comma in the incorrect place it can result in a lot of errors. You really have to go through each line one by one to find out where you made the mistake. Having...

Be the first people to check out my newest Android App

11 Mar 2019 1 minute read 1 comment primo

Hello everyone, I just finished an Android app called Prox MP3 Player. It uses the proximity sensor of your phone to change songs so you can change the song without having to touch your phone. Very handy if your hands are messy or full. It reads the...

Recommended web host

11 Mar 2019 1 minute read 0 comments primo

There is a site out there called Netlify that will host your static web site for free, and deploys in seconds. It also will connect to a github. It works very well and is very easy to setup and use. I have used it alot and I do recommend it. There ar...