Rewarding Your Own Rewarding Your Own Learning

By Alabi29 | | 16 Sep 2020

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In too many businesses, learning to learn is not rewarded. Yet, if learning is single most potent from of sustainable competitive advantage in the knowledge Age, it is surely what should be being measured and rewarded. A few businesses have begun to appreciate that this is the way forward. In the 1990s, there was some particularly exciting work left by companies like Skandia in Sweden. To accompany it's traditional annual reports, Skandia produces a detailed analysis of it's intangible assets, the value of it's people, the company's reputation, and it's customer and supplier networks. An analysis like this examines and puts a value in the kinds of things that learning brings to a business: the knowledge of it's customer base and it's potential, the capability for innovation and Creativity within the organization, and its human capital. The levels of competent and potential of the Skandia workforce. Another Swedish company, Celemi, has gone a stage further and produced a useful tool to help companies work out their own human capital value, the Celemi intangible Assets monitor. Celemi puts this into practice in it's own business, reporting on progress as part of it's annual accounts. Central to its thinking is the idea that people learn by undertaking challenging projects and that this growth in capacity or intelligence or competence to learn should be recognized.

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