Motivation And The Mind

By Alabi29 | | 14 Sep 2020

2c9e3cdb0e1a65ee0ec7c5ab80a56d1388c529aac916e4ec7a3e246e85ca37d8.jpegSo far, I have looked at some of the important theories of motivation and tried to provide the context in which learning activity takes place. Let's recap on what you know so far about how the mind works in this area. You have learned about the minds natural tendency to explore and make connections and patterns. You have seen why it performs less well when it is under undue stress. You are aware that diet, health and the amount of sleep you have had all affect your motivation and ability to sustain learning. You have learned about the importance of being emotionally ready, primed to accept new data, and about the minds tendency to interpret events differently, depending on whether you are optimistic or motivated. While much of this is common sense, the importance of biological and psychological factors in learning is too often underestimated. It is the same with Motivating yourself to learn.

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