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Hi Publish0x readers!! Yesterday I called myself a friend on the phone saying, "Do you know Elon Musk" tweeted about Dogecoin?" Negative, I hadn't seen the twett and taking advantage of the time I was on the pc it won't take a while to look at what I had written. "I'm looking for a shiba pup". This is what he wrote in reply to a twett published by HIRO MIZUNO @hiromichimizuno.   

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When I saw this I thought I had to invest something in that DOGE coin unknown to me until very recently. Yesterday I couldn't buy it because I was late and tired.   Today I will, and besides, I'll explain it here at Publish0x in case anyone wants to do the same. As I always say, I'm a rookie in all this, but this is a good opportunity for me. Also today Saturday eight May 2021 the DOGE is rising. If I had bought it yesterday...  💪  



As you can see it's gone up considerably in the last month. This is a very good sign. I will use the Kucoin exchange although first I will have to pass the money I have in Coinbase to Kucoin.   



I have no idea what can happen and that's why 25€ (I think it's not too much) will be the amount I'll get to see what happens. As it says in the image, this transaction can take up to half an hour but it can take me personally to have it done in less time, about fifteen minutes or less. Coinbase will ask for the two-step authenticator and then send an email with transaction information made.

When I have the bitcoins in The Kucoin wallet, I'll exchange them for DOGE. To make this trade I will pass the bitcoins to the market account and I will have to open the market to buy the currency mentioned in the article DOGE. I'll look for her first.


You will then ask me to enter the six-digit market password that each has yours. Once opened I will have to enter the amount of bitcoin I want (below the image on the right) in DogeCoin and make the purchase.     



Once this step is done I will have the DogeCoin coin to see if it gives me any joy.After switching it to DogeCoin I bring it back to my main account. 😎



I hope you liked this little article and you know that you too have the opportunity to make authors and win cryptocurrencies with Publish0x.

It's very simple. Cheer up!      


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