smoke price - 14-10-19

smoke price - 14-10-19

By skylinebuds | Price Update | 14 Oct 2019

Smoke coin is not listed on and I think more people should and would love to get a price update for these coins.

This is the daily Price update for 14/10/2019

On the smoke blockchain, We have had some nice amount buys this past week, We have seen smoke go from.11 BTS all way up to .145 BTS per smoke token, That is some pretty good spread to make some extra BTS on I would think. Smoke has a small wall at .136 BTS it is a very small wall at 4200 smoke but on the buy-side, we have a very nice sell wall at .08 with 11800 smoke or 1000 BTS.



It is crazy to see this chain sitting at well under 1 cent now, I think for anyone that is willing to take a HIGH RISK but HIGH reward investment smoke may be one the crypto's that is a good choice.

Did you know that smoke offers PoS? So even if you are not a cannabis smoker or you don't want to blog you can stake your smoke and earn PASSIVE income.


You can buy these coins over on

Have you went over and signed up for any of these blockchains and started to earn some smoke.


This are some dirt cheap prices for both of these chains. with this selling at under .01 cent you can be sure they will make a nice jump when they get listed to another exchange or we may see it before if we see ALTS pump.

This is not financial advice**

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Price Update
Price Update

Posting a daily price update for great coins not on CoinMarketcap

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