Learning to code - Day 1

Learning to code - Day 1

By skylinebuds | Price Update | 4 Jun 2021


When it comes to this year I am sure I am not the only one looking for other means of work. I for one have been looking and waiting even before covid to change my job. With that, I have been waiting to change my job and learn to code or more so ATM python.


Are you a python developer? I am looking to find more places you can recommend learning more on this topic.

Some of the places I have found that is of interest is,






I am sure I can find many more things on this but I know this community can likely lead me to even more helpful items.

I am planning while I learn to code to hopefully be able to help the hive community of course as I have a few cool ideas. in mind.


i was planning to keep a log of the things I learn every day and I figure I would share with the community what I might learn and how my progress is going. This I guess will become like ulog for learning python.

Day 1 - Finding Sites to Use and Lessons I should take.

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